Kogan Moto G 4G LTE

With the launch of the new Moto G, it looks like retailers are beginning to drop their prices on the original. First cab off the rank is Kogan, who have begun offering the Motorola Moto G with 4G LTE (XT1039) for $229 plus delivery.

At this price, Kogan is undercutting the Good Guys by a good $70, making it an absolute steal. We recently took a look at the Moto G 4G and found it to be just as good as the original, but with the added bonus of having 4G along for the ride.

It’s definitely a great deal, so head on over to Kogan and grab one.

Are you looking for a new 4G capable smartphone on a budget?

Source: Kogan.
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Headline says “…the new Moto G”. First line of the article refers to prices dropping “on the original” Moto G.

I know its confusing when the model name is the same – but a little bit of consistency when referring to them would help a lot… 🙂

Phill Edwards

Not only 4G but also micro SD which i don’t think the 3G version had, did it?

Michael Reville

Yup, and a gyroscope that allows photospheres. Has everything but NFC really.

Michael Reville

DWI has it cheaper still.. And with today’s %15 eBay sale it should be $200 delivered. Still hanging onto my cracked galaxy nexus for now.. Not sure I’ll make it until they release project Ara phones 🙂

David Deng

I thought I was the only who still used Galaxy Nexus at this time in 2014! lol. Anyway, just replaced my broken Galaxy Nexus early this month with N5. Feeling happy:D

Alex Moorhouse

you guys hear the Google was replacing cracked Nexus 5’s for free if bought through Google Play?

Daniel Tyson

Alex – it’s a US only program. We looked at, and reported on it : http://ausdroid.net/2014/09/11/nexus-5-replacement-program-us/

Alex Moorhouse

whoops, I read that here too 😉