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As a launch partner for Chromecast, the ABC sure has taken their sweet time adding Chromecast to their iview apps, but it’s finally here…for iOS, but fear not because Android support will be here soon.

In a pair of tweets this afternoon, the ABC has announced their iOS app has been updated with Chromecast suppport, while their Android app will get ‘Beta’ support in the next couple of weeks:

Despite having more Android handsets in the market, Android has always played second fiddle to iOS, so it’s no surprise that Chromecast support has been built into the iOS iview app first. The iview iOS description on itunes says that their Chromecast support is still ‘Experimental’ though, but we should see similar support for iview for Android in the next week or two.

I think we can all beathe a ‘finally’ with this announcement, but we’ll all be a lot happier when Chromecast support actually arrives. Now to start pressuring the other government funded broadcaster for Chromecast support in their app…SBS, we’re looking at you.

Source: ABC Twitter.
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    Eh.. I just use the Cast Screen function now to use iView on my Chromecast.. The bitrate on iview is terrible though, they should worry about making it viewable before putting it on a big screen.


    Same. I love their service but it looks much worse than standard def TV.


    Thanks. I do the same thing on occasion. Works ok but as you said it’s low quality. Something you don’t so much notice on a small screen but is terrible on a large one.


    Read somewhere they are aware that the bit rate is an issue, however they don’t have the money for the extra bandwidth. The focus is on accommodating increasing viewership, once that platos maybe resources will be put into quality.


    iOS first?!?!?


    Typical, TYPICAL ABC!!!!


    Experimental is a good word for it. Really quite buggy at this stage, at least for me. And of course seeing such a lowres, low bitrate stream blown up on the big screen doesn’t do it any favours.


    Finally was the first thing I saw when I read this.. until.. iOS first. But whatever.. it’s FINALLY here. Will probably abuse the crap out of this now. Does anyone have an iOS device that can say what the image quality is like?


    The gf does I’ll check her ipad when she gets home..

    Wouldn’t you think more people with Android would have chromecast than ios?


    The ABC live in an Apple fantasy world. This is disgusting. Launching on iOS first is yet another slap in the face for Android users (users of the most widely used mobile operating system).

    Jamie Saltmarsh

    Unfortunately I think all government departments live in an Apple fantasy world as they think Android is less secure from a security point of view.


    And yet it was Apple’s cloud service that was only recently cracked open like a walnut.