Music identification service Shazam is a fantastic example on how smartphones can improve your life, being able to immediately identify a song on the radio can help dispel an ear-worm before it takes hold. The down-side to Shazam has been some limited purchasing options, with Google Play Music notably missing – until today.

Shazam prompted for an update this morning, and the new update now allows you to purchase music from Google Play, or if you’re a Google Play Music All Access customer – to stream it. Now you can choose from Rdio, Spotify or Beats (well if you have it setup), so you can use your favourite service.

Shazam Google Play

If you’ve got Shazam installed you should see an update prompt, if not, head on over to Google Play to install the app now.

Shazam: Music Discovery
Shazam: Music Discovery
Developer: Apple Inc.
Price: Free
Source: Google Play.