Humble Mobile Bundle
The Humble Mobile Bundle 7 has been kicking along for a week, so it’s about time to up the ante and today they’ve done just that adding three more titles to their list.

The games added this morning are Soda Drinker Pro, Alpha Wave and Swordigo, adding to existing titles Kingdom Rush Frontiers, Horn and Sorcery! in the premium end of the range. To access the premium games, you have to be willing to pay above the average price, which at this moment stands at US$4.10.

Of course the Humble Mobile Bundle allows you to pay whatever you want, and you can get three great titles – Heroes of Loot, The Tiny Bang Story and Color Zen Premium for as little as you want. But as you can help some charities out – the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Child’s Play Charity – you don’t just want to pay the minimum do you?

Head on over to the Humble Mobile Bundle website and check out the titles available, which also come with some great soundtracks for the same price.

Source: Humble Mobile Bundle.