Wednesday , June 6 2018

Expansys has Moto 360 available today for $375

Moto-360-11amCTIf you’re kind of taken by the Moto 360, and a little frustrated that you can’t get one in Australia directly through the Play Store or from Motorola, you’ve got a few choices.

You could try and order online and use a freight forwarder to get your watch to Australia. You’re looking at around $280 AUD, plus whatever your freight charges come to. You could potentially get the Moto 360 to Australia for around $340 I guess, but there’s a bit of mucking around involved, and it won’t be particularly quick.

Expansys however have the Moto 360 in stock, with a 3-4 day lead time for delivery. If you had ordered today, and you could have a Moto 360 next Tuesday or Wednesday for $375 and $18 or so for delivery.

Yes, it might not be quite as cheap as doing it yourself through a freight forwarder, but it’s also far simpler; place the order, keep an eye on your tracking number, and receive a new watch in a few days.

If you’re keen, jump on Expansys’ website and check out their range of Moto 360’s today and let us know if you order!

Source: Expansys.

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  1. Have just heard back from them. 300 units backorder as they did not expect the demand.
    Based on what they told me they received 500 orders and have 100 units, 100 more coming in this week and an unknown Eta on any more 🙁

    • Just got the same email, already requested a refund. Just gonna have to wait it out and get one elsewhere.

      • Can’t say this is surprising, though it is a bit disappointing. We know the Moto 360 is going to be popular, but perhaps Expansys didn’t anticipate just how popular it would be. Promoting the availability on Ausdroid (and other sites) quite possibly resulted in a very quick sell-out.

  2. Mine now says expected stock 9 days. On the phone trying to cancel my order now.

  3. As at 1130 AEST the order is now pending stock availability.

  4. Waiting for the G Watch R.

  5. Is this real? Seems like very quick delivery time for Australia. I was expecting to have to wait until late October before stock would get here.

  6. Stephen Crisafulli

    The more I hear/read about this watch the more its clear to me that Motorola are a hopeless company that turn out shit products year after year and ride the coat tails of being the last US owned company were anything American is great. Give it time and they will die or the Chinese ill fix em up. But till then I waiting to be Impressed.

  7. ordering as I type

  8. Just ordered mine, was going to wait and save a few bucks but my girlfriend gonna get it for my birthday so hope it’s here before Saturday. Although it says in stock as soon as I put my order through it said awaiting stock, which was a bit disappointing.

  9. I think I’ll wait for the second, or possibly third model of the watch.

    Would prefer at higher res screen (as well as being a full 360 degree circle), larger battery and newer processor. Seems like the Moto 360 does a really good job for a 1st attempt at a smart watch, but needs a revision or two to perfect it.

    • I think that’s an entirely fair comment Andrew. I got the LG G Watch the day it was released, and while the platform is cool, the watch itself really isn’t great. I’m not entirely sure why I don’t wear it anymore, but I’ll shortly have a 360 to review, and I’ve got higher hopes.

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