OnePlus Pre-Orders
OnePlus has been under fire since they launched their first phone- the One, due to their one of a kind (for a phone) system of ordering which requires you to scrounge for an invite to even purchase the phone. The invite system has drawn ire from a lot of fans, but that invite system may be close to ending with OnePlus announcing they will begin taking pre-orders for the phone next month.

OnePlus is expecting to open the up pre-orders in late October, with stock being immediately allocated as orders are received, or if there’s no stock on hand orders will be filled as stock becomes available. Pre-ordering a phone will require a pre-authorisation on your credit card until the unit ships, but that’s generally fairly straightforward.

The OnePlus One has been built up to be the king of phones; between price and specs it seems pretty good on paper, but as we’ve seen, there’s still some issues with the OnePlus One. Still, if you’re still desperate to get a OnePlus One, your chance could soon be here…just remember you’ll still have to get it shipped in from overseas.

Source: OnePlus.
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Thanks, I will stick with Nexus


So I take it they are not shipping directly to Australia? Will we have to use a freight forwarder from one of the countries they ship to?

Sam Chung

Yeah, ends up costing around $430 give or take. Totally worth it though. Touchscreen issues can easily be fixed with custom kernels from the XDA 🙂 Franco Kernel is a beaut.

Joshua Hill

If its so easy to fix then why does the modding guru at Ausdroid Scott Plowman still have touchscreen issues with his one plus? It seems like the Franco kernel is not a guaranteed fix for everybody although maybe worth a try for those effected.

Sam Chung

Well I’m 18 and I managed to flash it with no issues. Besides the fix only came out recently. So he might not have heard about it. It’s fixed tonnes of phones.

Joshua Hill

He’s tried the fix, he has written articles at Ausdroid about it. Just because it worked for you doesn’t mean it’ll work for everybody, that’s just the way tech is.

Sam Chung

I don’t know if he would have tried the latest one with updated touchscreen firmware. It was released a week ago exactly. I don’t see any articles a week old. I know, but heaps of users including myself reported that it fixed our issues. I perhaps was too liberal with the term “easy” 🙂 Have you got an OPO?

Joshua Hill

Yes, I have an Oppo but it’s not a smartphone. My current smartphone manufacturer is Sony.

Damien Xenos

I just bought the 64gb Chinese version from a HK importer. Great deal due to ebay 15% sale. Much easier if you do not need US LTE and similarly priced. Can’t wait for it to arrive.