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The Chromecast is getting easier to find, with more retailers recently adding the HDMI dongle to their range and now you can add a few more to the list, with The Good Guys and Bing Lee now beginning to sell the device through their website and in stores.

Reader, Anthrox was in his local Good Guys and noticed the stand full of the dongles sitting next to the TV’s. Chromecast Stand - Good Guys

The Chromecast is also available to purchase on their website for $49 – limited to 3 per customer – with options to pick it up in-store or have it delivered for an additional $5.

While Big W and The Good Guys now sell the Chromecast, they aren’t quite as honoured as Bing Lee, who’ve made the official Buy Now list alongside JB Hifi and Dick Smith, on Google’s Australian Chromecast page.

Chromecast Buy Now

Bing Lee is also selling the dongle online or in-store, but for a slightly discounted $48, they too have pick-up and delivery options but with a more reasonable $2 flat rate shipping fee.

More retailers certainly means more availability to more people, with Bing Lee and The Good Guys covering more areas, it also equals more choice and we hope more competition on price. If you haven’t checked out what Chromecast can do yet, you really should.

Source: Bing LeeTheGoodGuys.
Thanks: Anthrox.
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    Remy Sheppard

    My brother has one of these and he says he wants to like it, but he’s an apple guy. They have iPhones, apple tv, and all that jazz, so the chromecast doesn’t really fit in well with his set up. He said he’d mail me his because I’m a Google guy, through and through. I have a small business designing websites and we use Google technologies exclusively – hangouts, voice, docs, drive, etc. So I’m pretty excited to try the chromecast out. I also like that display for in-store! Microsoft tried to copy the Apple look when they launched phones… Read more »


    Dicksmith has specials on it every couple of weeks or so. I got mine for $39 delivered


    somehow my wife got a $20 discount from good guys but it was hers so i couldn’t get another chromecast 🙁

    Scoop Purdy

    Also at harvey Norman