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We do love the Nexus 4, it’s still a solid handset even approaching it’s second birthday, and there-in lies the problem: it’s nearly two years old. Typically Google has dropped support for Nexus phones around this time, and the impending release of Android L has many Nexus 4 owners worried that their handset won’t receive the update. The lack of Android L developer preview for the handset has added to those worries, but it may be for nought, with several Googlers running Android L on their Nexus 4.

According to entries in the Chromium bug tracker, several Googlers have been reporting on issues with their build – LRW52G for those playing at home – of Android L on their Nexus 4.
Chromium Release
As Android Police – who first noted the entries – point out, the Nexus 4 still has more power than the recently released Android One handsets which Google has promised will be among the first to receive Android L – Lamington? Lollipop? Lemon Meringue Pie? – when it’s released. But even so, it’s not the Nexus 4 isn’t guaranteed to receive the update until Google announces it.

When we’ll see Android L (and it’s associated Nexus reference device) is unknown, although a mid-October release would be nice, in fact the sooner the better. Good news Nexus 4 fans.

Source: Chromium Bug TrackerChromium Bug Tracker 2.
Via: Android Police.
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Better bloody get the latest update. It’s a well capable handset. I thought that’s the whole point of getting a nexus phone?
I’ll be pissed if it doesn’t get the update.
Although, I’m considering getting the Sony z3 compact depending on how big they make the nexus 6.


My thoughts exactly. My N4 is still extremely capable, and I don’t want to retire it so soon. At the same time, who doesn’t like the new phone feeling? 🙂


Still loving my Nexus 4 and even though I’ll be getting the next Nexus my 4 will be handed down to my daughter. It’s still a relevant and great phone worth some L love.


I’ll most likely be getting a Nexus 6/X anyway, upgrading from my Nexus 4, so it won’t really bother me if my Nexus 4 doesn’t get Android L.