Nexus 7 out of stock
With rumours circulating of a Nexus 9 launch mid-next month, there’s possibly something in the fact that customers checking stock levels on all variants of the Nexus 7 (2013) on the Australian Google Play store are being told ‘We are out of stock. Please check back soon’.

It could also be nothing, with the tablet having previously gone out of stock, with stock being replenished after a brief time. Though it could be nothing, there’s also signs that stock of the Nexus 7 (2013) is beginning to dwindle at retailers with a number of stores – Dick Smith, OfficeWorks only listing single Nexus 7 tablets, although at least one – Harvey Norman – is still showing stock on at least two.

Could be nothing, could be a sign, what do you think?

Source: Google Play.
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according to DickerData they are clearing out Nexus 7 32 now for $249 ex tax. they have 171 in stock but that is wholesale price. So as that is a reseller buy price go and haggle.


how soon do we forget that the Nexus 10 is 2 years old, still appears as a current device and has not been in stock for nearly a year…..


Half life 3 confirmed? ^^^


Still happy with my Nexus 5 / 7 combo but I just know I’ll be tempted when the new models drop 🙂


Argh. The nexus 9 is a fine replacement for the oversize nexus 10. Worried that they won’t have a replacement for the normal sized Nexus 7.


These have been out of stock for ages on the Australian play store……. Been hanging for a new Nexus phone and tablet!