GALAXY Tab 3 10.1-inch (4)
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 owners rejoice, your KitKat update is on its way. According to a tip from reader, SN Harden the update hit his Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 this weekend past, updating his Jelly Bean build to KitKat in one fell swoop.

Galaxy Tab 3 - KitKat updated Settings

The P5210XXUBNH1 firmware update brings many of the KitKat features we’ve loved on other Android devices who’ve seen the update, including the transparent status bar and of course the Launcher chooser in settings. Samsung updates include the ability to add the camera shortcut to the lockscreen, as well as some performance improvements.

The update should be available through a prompt on your device, or you can always try connecting your tablet up to Kies to check there. We love to hear about updates so let us know when you see an update on your Android device.

Have you received the KitKat update for your Galaxy Tab 3? How is it going?

Thanks: SN Harden.
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Currently downloading. Wasn’t expecting that. 😀


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Stephen Murray

Wonder if it’ll roll out to the other Tab 3’s


After a couple days with the new kitkat update on my tab 3. I like it a lot. Theres not a massive amount of changes that haven’t already been talked about. But the overall speed of the tablet has definitely improved. It just feels a lot more stable and very smooth. Other than that all tab 3 owners should welcome the upgrade.


I have a Galaxy Tab 3 10. Since upgrading to 4.4.2 have found my tablet fairly unstable. Especially on Facebook. Constant dropouts.


When I first got the kitkat update things were great for a few days. Now I’m also experiencing constant drop-outs as well and sometimes pages just won’t load at all. I usually have to kill all running apps to get chrome to load anything but I was having this problem on jellybean as well. All my other devices are fine. So I’m not sure what the problem is but its getting very frustrating.


I had no problems with jellybean


Yea my problems with jellybean weren’t as bad. Actually minor compared to kitkat. I still trying to solve it and will post back here when I do. May even do a root with cyanogenmod and see how that goes.