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If you’re a Podcast fan and you’re using Pocket Casts (and why wouldn’t you?) then you’ll be just as excited as we are about the potential for this latest announcement. Shifty Jelly has begun taking sign-ups for something that looks absolutely awesome.

In a tweet this morning Shifty Jelly has launched a sign-up site for something which looks to us to be suspiciously like Pocket Casts on the web. :

Whether this is for a Chrome Extension, web app or something else we’re not sure, but Russell Ivanovic, Co-Founder and Chief Operating N00b at Shifty Jelly, commented on a reddit thread over the weekend which was discussing work porting the Pocket Casts Android app to Chrome, so maybe it’s something along those lines.

We’re ridiculously excited for this and we can’t wait to see exactly what’s in-store, we hope that it’s a fully syncable version of Pocket Casts for the web, but quite frankly we haven’t been disappointed by a Shifty Jelly release yet, so bring it on.

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Shifty Jelly, Rocks!!!
I only ever use Pocket Casts because these guys know their ………. users requirements