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There’s a lot happening with Samsung tonight, with the manufacturer launching their Note products as well as the Gear VR headset in Australia. So far we’ve received outright pricing for the Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge, which will be selling in Samsung Experience stores and retailers for $949 and $1249 respectively. But what are the carriers saying?


Telstra will be carrying the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Note Edge and also offering the Gear VR. The Galaxy Note 4 is launching as the first phone on the Telstra network to support LTE-Advanced carrier aggregation. The aggregation will work accross Telstra’s existing 1800MHz LTE network, as well as their upcoming 700MHz LTE network, which is already undergoing trials in parts of Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Darwin, Fremantle, Esperance, Mildura, Griffith, Mt Isa, Sarina, Yamba and Bundaberg. Telstra also expects to have 20 more locations coming online by the end of the year. The 700MHz LTE Network will get a wider launch, when the license for the spectrum goes online on the 1st of January 2015.

There’s no pricing available for the Note 4, Note Edge or Gear VR, with Telstra promising further pricing and plans closer to launch. In terms of options, Telstra will be stocking the Note 4 in Charcol Black and Frost White, with Telstra also announcing they have grabbed the exclusive on the Bronze Gold coloured Note 4.

Telstra will also be carrying the Gear S Tizen smartwatch as well if you’re keen.

If you’re interested in grabbing these Samsung related launches from Telstra, you can head on over to the website where you can enter your details and receive the latest information as it’s released.


Vodafone has advised in a pair of tweets this evening that they will also be stocking both the Note 4 and Note Edge on their network, with pre-sales for the Note 4 going live on the 15th of October. Vodafone is taking expressions of interest in the Note 4 and Note Edge on their website, head on over and enter your details to be notified as soon as more information is available.


Optus hasn’t actually announced anything with regards to availability of the Note 4 or Note Edge, but they’re tweeting from the live event tonight so we expect to hear more from them soon.

This morning, Optus has confirmed that they will be carrying the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Note Edge and Gear S. While they have no plan or pricing information to share at the moment, they will share that information closer to launch.

Update (26/09):
Optus has advised that they too will be beginning pre-sales for the Note 4 on the 15th of October, with handsets due in-store on the 29th of October. The Note Edge won’t have pre-sales, but will be available on the 5th of November. If you’re interested in learning more about either handset you should head over to the Optus website to sign up for updates.


Virgin, as a subsidiary to Optus is likewise expected to announce availability of the Galaxy Note 4 at least, while the Note Edge isn’t a lock. We’ve yet to hear from Virgin as yet, but we’ll be updating as more information comes to hand.

This afternoon, Virgin Mobile Australia was able to confirm with us that they will be carrying the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. They don’t appear to be intending to offer the Note Edge which fits in with their slightly smaller range of phones they generally offer, but having the Galaxy Note 4 is definitely a win.

Virgin Mobile will be offering more information regarding pricing and plans for the Galaxy Note 4, closer to launch.


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Is N910G snapdragon?


Copy and paste from Telstra’s Facebook page:

“Nick Bellios Thanks for your prompt reply Scott, but can you please clarify that the extra 1 gb and the “New phone feeling” will be the exact same plans for the note 4 as on the iPhone 6 plans?
Like · Reply · 4 hours ago

Telstra The current offers are running for at least a few months.

Cheers, Scott.”


So do we get exynos or snapdragon variant in oz


N910G is Snapdragon?

Caleb Johns

I’m going to get one in January and hope that the prices have gone down by then. Probably going to buy it from Kogan. (Note 4)

vijay alapati

Waiting for the edge experience


I wonder what the lowest cost plan will be for the note 4, my guess is around the $65 mark

Stephen Crisafulli

Lets hope the unlocked unbranded Note 4 has the 700mhz to work on Telstra’s new Frequences and also optus’s 2300


The Unbranded Galaxy S5 has the Optus 2300 frequency so that should be a given for the Note 4. Hopefully the same goes for the 700s.

James Z

wonder if all carrier is gonna have all colour options for note 4 and note edge


in all honesty, I find only Apple has actually released into mainstream market all colors and all storage sizes for their launch products. Like Samsung always says 64gb storage during release but it’s nowhere to be seen or perhaps only available in 1 or a few countries.

James Z

yeah ur right guess just have to wait and c in october


past experience can be a good guide and I don’t like your chances though 😛