HTC Scribble
The latest HTC app to make its way to Google Play as a standalone app is HTC Scribble, which has launched overnight to much rapturous applause.

The app was first launched on the HTC One Max last year, it’s essentially an app you can draw in, or as HTC describe it, a way to make a ‘digital scrapbook or create interesting photos to share on your blog or social network’. The app allows you to choose from a number of pre-existing templates which you can further customise, as well as adding in animated GIFs or HTC Zoes as well to add some life to your creation.

The app is now available for the HTC One M8 at least, but could be available to more devices. Check in Google Play if you’re on a HTC handset and let us know if you can download the app.

HTC Scribble
HTC Scribble
Developer: HTC Corporation
Price: Free
Source: HTC Scribble.
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Sujay Vilash

I have used this app and like it a lot. So I rushed off to gPlay to install. Alas, having given my HTC One M7 to my son, Scribble is not compatible with my Sony Xperia Z. I wish HTC would make it available to users of all phones. From a marketing perspective, it might even convince a few people to buy HTC.


“The app is now available for the HTC One M8 at least”

Huh? Didn’t this app come with the HTC One M8? It’s been on mine for a long while now…


Yes it’s already installed on the M8, but like the other apps HTC have been adding to the Play Store, at least now it’ll be updated via the Play Store, rather than having to wait for system updates.