Tuesday , October 17 2017

A nice easy way to get Android apps onto your Chrome

We’ve already spoken a bit about the movement of Android apps onto Chrome, and whereas the process was a little convoluted previously, there’s now a very easy way to get your favourite Android apps into Chrome.

Released today on XDA Developers, the Chrome APK Packager tool makes the process of moving your Android apps onto Chrome very straightforward. Simply download the tool, select the app from your phone or tablet that you’d like to run in Chrome, and generate Chrome ARChon Custom Runtime packages straight on your device.

Simply email or otherwise transport the created ZIP file to your Chrome device, install it, and off you go!

There are of course a couple of catches with anything like this, and one is that you must have installed the ARChon Custom Runtime, which you can find on GitHub here.

The app is now available on Google Play, to make the process just that little bit easier. It’s not certain for how long the app will remain there, but get it while it’s up.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Let us know if you try this out and how it works for you.

Source: XDA Developers.

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Andrew Palozzo
Valued Guest

Swoit!! Can’t wait to try this out!


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