Something Remarkable is Coming - HTC
HTC has been rumoured to be entering into the action camera market, which has so far been dominated by GoPro, for a while. Their upcoming ‘Double Exposure’ event in New York on the 8th of October is said to be the place where we’ll see this camera (as well as a so-called ‘Selfie’ phone), so now’s as good a time as any to begin teasing and that’s what HTC appears to be doing in a new video released this morning titled ‘Something Remarkable is Coming’.

The video is a teaser, so nothing implicit regarding a product or specs is stated. But the implication from footage within the video is that there’s a pretty nifty camera about to be announced. The footage in the video begins underwater, before showing footage captured from a variety of scenes in various modes, including slow-motion.

I have no real need of an Action Cam, but this is still damn interesting. It shows the camera sitting sometimes at eye-level à la Google Glass, and at other times sitting on various objects. Looking forward to seeing what it is!

The HTC Double Exposure event is scheduled to take place on the 8th of October in New York at 4pm, which should be around 7am Thursday morning on the 9th of October for those of us on AEST.

Source: HTC YouTube.
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I bought my GoPro late 2013 when I went skiing in New Zealand. Such a fantastic device. Seems like it’d be hard to compete in this space, seeing as there’s already a pretty well-established company doing it and doing it well.

Still though, competition is always good. Just means better devices for consumers.