+ Sunday January 19th, 2020

HTC began teasing what is thought to be their upcoming GoPro competitor this morning. The device is supposed to be announced at their October 8th ‘Double Exposure’ event in New York, but an association with a twitter account @re_camera may have given the game away early.

The link to @re_camera was made through a reddit thread, which said a HTC employee had sent it to them. The only tweet originating from the account, which co-incidentally has the tag line ‘Something Remarkable is Coming’ in their header image, was released around the same time that HTC launched their teaser video this morning.

From this, the guys over at Phandroid have found images of what they think, is the RECamera – HTC’s action camera. As you can see, the camera comes in a cylindrical body with a bent top where the lens is visible.

It’s not a unique design, it’s somewhat reminiscent of the army flashlights used by soliders and mounted on webbing on the body or helmet – similar to how HTC seems to want you to use it judging by these shots. It’s possible there will be other accessories sold with it, like neoprene armbands etc to hold the camera when you need your hands free.

Check out the video from this morning again and see if you could see this camera being used in these circumstances:

Source: recamera, and recamera 2.
Via: Phandroid.

Daniel Tyson  

Daniel Tyson

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Definitely looks a lot sleeker and easier to handle/mount than the GoPro.

Looks like a solid device. Just wonder how it performs.

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