Nexus 6-six 2
Nexus season is upon us, we’re getting closer to the usual October/November release cycle that normally sees a new Nexus phone on the market and today 9to5Google are fuelling the fire with word they’ve confirmed with sources that the so called ‘Shamu’ Nexus from Motorola is going to be coming soon.

Their sources indicate that the design of the phone will be more a modified Motorola Moto X gen 2 chasis, though with a much larger 5.92″ display. It won’t just be a standard FHD display either, with the rumour pointing to a QHD (2560×1440) resolution display with a pixel density of 498PPI.

The phone is also rumoured to be packing a Snapdragon 805 processor with 3GB of RAM, so there will be no shortage of power, but does present a quandry. At Google I/O, it was announced that Android L would offer 64-bit support and Nexus devices are the reference device for new versions of Android. Releasing a phone with a 32-bit processor, even one as powerful as a Snapdragon 805 is a bit confusing, but, this is just a rumour.

The Nexus 6/X (whatever it’s going to be called) will also have some serious camera chops, something that’s been missing from previous Nexus phones. The rumour suggests a 13MP Rear camera will be included, though no mention of Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) was mentioned. Selfies will be available through a 2MP front-facing camera mounted on the top.

The phone is apparently going to be available with 32GB storage, but it’s unknown if this will be an option with a base 16GB offering also available. The large phone chasis will also allow for a 3,200mAh battery to be included which may finally lay battery issues to rest for Nexus phones, though that QHD display may present some issues.

It’s all a rumour until Google announces the phone, but we may not have long to wait with 9to5Google suggesting an announcement will be made for the phones next month, with sales beginning in November.

Is a 5.9″ Nexus phone too big?

Source: 9to5Google.
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Jamie Saltmarsh

I’m not too sure about the QHD but if it’s 5.9 inch, take my money Google.


I want Samsung to do the Nexus 7 phone based on the Note Edge.


Could someone please advise what this magical 64 bit phone chip is that everyone wants the nexus to have? there really isnt anything.

The N9 will be 64 bit and the phone will have to stay at 32 for now.

Daniel Tyson

64-bit architecture on CPU’s is a big deal. It allows the processor to access more memory in larger chunks, including the ability to address more than 4GB of RAM. ARMv8 architecture is also quite important with things such power effiiciency, including better handling of data cycles.

Snapdragon 805 as a standalone CPU is a great processor on its own merits, but a processor with 64-bit architecture adds a lot more to the party.


Yes but there still arent any good options for phones at this stage.

Daniel Tyson

Didn’t say there weren’t great options around, and as you read in the article I pointed out that the Snapdragon 805 is a great processor BUT, it’s not 64-bit. With a key feature of Android L being 64-bit support for Android, what I`m saying is their REFERENCE design should be a 64-bit processor.


My favourite theory is that it will launch with a 64 bit Intel CPU. I wish Intel would get their shit together.


64bit is just one side because its a new design other things get improved also like GPU, Memory & Flash Bus and its been design from the ground up to be made on a smaller die size so this improves power.


My note 3 is not big enough for me…..a 6″ nexus sounds totally awesome!!!…and with a good camera.


I miss nexus so badly I have considered a nexus 5 again, but each time I use my partners I feel hers is too small. I desperately hope to put down this z ultra, but not to reduce the size much…


And do you think that the chances are high Google would release a reference phone for a new version of the OS that supports 64bit ? Probably not so all these rumors are just that and not worth worrying about. Unless they are thinking 32bit for phones and 64bit for tablets then chances are it is all just guessing.


Will it be too big? Yes. Will I get one? Yes. It will just replace my Asus Padfone and I’ll keep a small phone (eg. Moto G 2013) for everyday use.


There have been rumours for 5.2 and 5.9 screens on and off for a while….perhaps two models of nexus?


The Nexus X and the Nexus 6.


Nexus 6 and Nexus 6 Plus? 🙂


Will it bend?

Sujay Vilash

Optional extra.


Too big. I’ve been a Stock-Android / Nexus-Only evangelist for very long. Looks like that’s going to change. The Sony Xperia Z3 Compact is going to be my fall-back option

Joshua Hill

The battery life on the Z3 compact is supposed to be phenomenal. Despite everybody saying how close to stock Sony’s UI is I’m not a big fan and my Z1 compact has been a bit buggy. If you really hate non stock Android I’d recommend trying out Sony’s UI before you buy.


Thanks for the heads up Joshua


Have you tried running Google Now Launcher on your Z1C? Just wondering if that would take away my pain of having to live with a non-nexus device.

Joshua Hill

Yep I run google launcher and it’s pretty good, you’re still left with Sony’s notification drop menu and settings being different but it’s their home screen I really hate.

Iain Simmons

I have the Z2, now rooted (super easy to do, don’t even need to unlock the bootloader), and running Action Launcher.

I don’t think it’s all that hard to get things close to stock. There’s always AOSP-based custom ROMs too…

Joshua Hill

Its not hard for some, others find it extremely difficult, even impossible. By rooting you void your warranty!


Agreed. I’m sure going to miss the flexibility of my N4, but with the Z3C on the way, I’ll just have to make do. Not so keen on having a “bent” N6. :p


same here. If they go too big this time, count me out. z3 compact looks like the winner this biennial phone purchase for me.


The human reaction to phone size seems a helluva lot like a frog reacting to slowly boiling water.

At one point, 4.7″ phones were unconscionable, now I have a G3 in my pocket. If this turns out to be true, I’m sure people will just adjust.

Jonathan Seymour

Except at some point that frog dies… I don’t want to die!
I think you’re missing the point of the fable. It’s about the best way to boil a frog to death.


There’s no way Google would jump from the 4.95″ on the Nexus 5 to 5.92″, with it being the only handset released. They may do an Apple and release two sizes. If not, I won’t be buying it. I would have considered the Moto X 2014, given its fast updates, but its 2300mAh battery is disappointing. I still think we’ll see a 5.2″ Nexus.


I HOPE you are right…


I gotta say I agree, I can’t accept the idea of carrying a 6″ phone everywhere, it’s absurd. But, if there is only one size, and it’s offered at the standard Nexus discount, I’ll be no doubt torn between paying $500+ for a Moto X, or $400-odd for a ridiculously oversized Nexus 6.


Once you do it, and learn to manage the device, you will likely fall in love with your device all over again. I too though like this, but I used to carry around a phone and started carrying around a nexus 7. I am now back to carrying only a phone… And now I rarely even use a computer… Except at work

Joshua Hill

Or the Z3 Compact like others have suggested.


It’s a beautiful phone… but it’ll come down to price… I’ve gotten hooked on that sweet sweet Nexus pricing structure.

Joshua Hill

I got my Z1 compact pretty much on release for $550 outright which was a bargain imo but the Z3 compact looks like it’ll be one or two hundred more at release.


Why does everyone want to stop those who want a decent sized nexus that doesn’t exist, so that they can get a new nexus that will perform essential as excellently as a phone which already exists?

Joshua Hill

I’m not sure exactly what you meant. However, if you re-read the OP they’re not trying to stop you or others from having a 5.9″ phone, they just said it wont be the only handset released.


You are correct, and I was unclear. I was saying the Nexus 5 is still a beast, it is hard to really want more in a phone in my opinion (although I have owned all except Nexus S). If the new Nexus is mostly the same size as the current Nexus 5 already is, why upgrade to a new one?

I agree with what you say, but many here are just writing off the phone as a 6″. I hope for 2 phones also, but I also dont really see the point of a new 5″ phone. 🙂

Joshua Hill

Agreed, google should just keep manufacturing the Nexus 5 alongside a 5.9″ phone. That gives people plenty of choice. If they took $50 off too I might buy my first nexus phone. Love their tablets but the battery life of the phones wasn’t enough for me as my main phone.


Like most of the others here, I REALLY hope the screen won’t be this big on the Nexus 6/X… Might move away from the Nexus line if it does… I already have a 7″ Nexus tablet, I don’t need a 6″ Nexus phone!


Or you already have a 6″ phone, you don’t need a small tablet?


Nope. My Nexus 5 is literally 1/3 the size of my Nexus 7. A 6″ would still be significantly smaller so you’d miss the book sized tablet experience, while having a huge phone.


Maybe. I equate my 6.44″ to be about the same as a 46″ TV at 2 meters.

5.9″ is going to be smaller, but I roughly expect it will still be about 42″ or at least 40″. For something you carry around on you, that is pretty usable…so good on public transport 😀


But I already HAVE a small tablet… Courtesy of the Nexus team! The other thing I have just thought of… Releasing a large ‘phablet’ Nexus device will surely cut into the sales of the HTC Nexus 9, won’t it? If people already have a 6″ device which acts as a phone AND a tablet, surely they will be less likely to also buy a dedicated tablet device? I can’t see people buying BOTH a Nexus 6/X phablet and a Nexus 9 tablet?

Hieu Nguyen

God damnit, I hope that this isn’t true. Or if it is, that we get a 5.2″ Nexus as well so I can move on up from my Nexus 5.


With luck we’ll get 9″, 6″ and 5.2″ Nexii.


I’m hoping for a 7″. That’s the biggest tablet that’s still usable while holding it.


Reading this does make me wonder:
If Lenovorola are doing the N6, and it is a 5.9in device, then will the 3rd generation Moto X also be a 5.9in device?

Chris Croft

Technically it is still Googlerola as Sale is yet to be completed.

Jonathan Seymour

I really hope this is not true. If it is I’ll be putting my money elsewhere.
If it was 5.2″ I was gonna bite. Even at 5.5″ I’d consider it depending on the price.
At 5.9″… no way. There’s plenty of other good options out there.


I personally think 6″ will eventually be the size many people will end up using commonly… At least until we have multiple remote screens for our watch which will have all the smarts in it. Grab the screen size you want to use and tap it to your wrist and you are good to go

Joshua Hill

Until manufacturers develop flexible technology big phones just bend in your pockets. I’ve never seen that big a phone in sci-fi shows or movies which are set in the future, the phone/devices are always small, like iPhone 5 small!


Dammit!!!!! was hoping for the 5.2inch rumour going around was going to be the way they go.. 6in area is too big……………(that’s what she said!)


Yes, it’s too big. My One Plus One is too big. I wish I hadn’t given my wife my N5 🙁


Disagree completely.


Ahhhhh… it’s Nexus Rumour season. So fun.

Andrew Palozzo

I’m ready.. i sold my n7, i think a giant phone is enough for me to say good bye to tablets…


Or at least the small tablets.