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It’s seems that the 5.9″ phone from Motorola codenamed ‘Shamu’, which according to rumour is supposedly the next Nexus phone is getting leaky. Yesterday we saw a glimpse of reported specs for the phone and today we get to see a picture of the behemoth as it poses next to an equally large LG G3.

Motorola Shamu vs LG G3

As you can see it’s a fairly large device, especially compared to the G3, which is a fairly wide device, add to that an extra half inch or so and it’s going to be a prize catch for fans of the phablet.

The phone shows off similar features to the 2nd gen Moto X, with the rear dimple complete with Motorola logo and a flash ring around the camera. There’s no sign of the buttons on the side of the phone to tell if 9to5Google’s tip that the phone will have slightly different button configuration to the new Moto X.

While it has Motorola branding, it doesn’t have Nexus branding, although last years leak of FCC filings for the Nexus 5 also carried no Nexus branding, so it’s most likely that it’s an early build. Of course the only link to Nexus is the over-size body and the hand-written ‘Shamu’ note stuck to it.

The choice of whether to go large or go home is now on the table for Nexus phones. Of course the hope that Google could deliver a Phablet sized Nexus alongside a more traditional phone sized Nexus is there, with a 5.2″ Nexus rumour still circulating. We’ll have to wait and see.

Source: XDA-Developers.
Via: Android Central.
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Buttons are visible in the photo above – left hand side, mid way down – in line with 9to5Google’s tip.


Screen size close to 5 is perfect for me but if the phone isn’t 64bit and doesn’t have any major new features then I will stick with my 5. Loads of people will love whatever they produce and really the 5 was and is brilliant.


Yeah, 5.9 is too big for a phone in my opinion.


If this is the only Nexus phone this year, then I’ll pass on it. Not interested in a phone that big.

Really, really, really hope there’s that 5.2″ Nexus phone in the works. If not, then I’ll just have to wait for next years flagships.

David Deng

i know Nexus is mainly for developers, but I am just so disappointed to see the above picture. it is way toooo big!! Hopefully the upcoming Android L update will increase my N5’s battery life so that I can stick with it a bit longer.


I really hope there is something else going on.


really hoping this isn’t the nexus phone its way to big totally stupid what’s going on these days around 4.7 to 5 inch is the sweet spot.

also i thought the nexus was going to based on 64bit chipset


Looks like it’s roughly as big as the iphablet (though with a bigger screen since there’s not as much bezel wastage).

Since its going to be basically impossible to fit one of these in a pocket, why not just update the Nexus 7 with LTE etc. and have done with it?

Google really need to make sure they make the Nexus 5 2014 – otherwise many people will just pass on such an oversized lump.

Elliot Kotis

Yup, I’m definitely passing if this is the case. And basically everyone everywhrre is as well.

Brad Hook

Speak for yourself mate, not for others. I can’t wait for a Nexus bigger than the 5.


Thank you Brad. Well said.
Amazing how people think they know what everyone else is going to do and know better than Google etc. Elliott should be an iClone as that is the type of comment they make.

Elliot Kotis

Hahaha nah mate. I would love a bigger nexus I just don’t like the shamu design. The moto x 2014 wasn’t my thing, and in my opinion it is not very good looking. And for the basically everywhere, I say this as a majority. As I am quite active in the android world and I follow a lot of different sites, plus reddit. They have done numerous polls about shamu as nexus and they come out as massive majority disliking it. Plus around 80% of the comments are about how they hate it (these are people that love nexus, eg… Read more »

Elliot Kotis

Firstly, I would love a bigger nexus, a phablet nexus. I feel that it has been missing from the family. But, it isn’t about the size. It is about design, something that the moto x 2014 forgot about (2013 did really well) IMO.
And for the majority, I am speaking about the majority, and they say they dislike it. Many websites, many comments of people who love nexus hate this shamu, and a poll on AP shows that the majority of people who love android would be very very disappointed if this were the nexus ‘6’.
You’re right though 🙂


Moto X Maxx?