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HTC One M8 and Mini 2Rumours abound that HTC is experimenting with a variant of the One M8 with a better camera. The original HTC One (released last year) has a 4MP Ultrapixel camera, which works great in the dark, but it doesn’t have the best resolution. This year’s HTC One (dubbed the One M8) uses the same camera, but pairs it with a dual camera, allowing some interesting 3D effects.

What it doesn’t allow, though, is decent high-res photography. Rumours are circulating around the web suggesting that HTC is working with a 13MP sensor in a variant of the One M8, but sadly, it looks as if it won’t be coming to Australia (at least, not yet).


Dubbed the M8_EYE, nothing is known about the device with the more powerful camera except that, at this stage, it looks destined for the Chinese and Indian markets only. It’s likely to arrive with Android 4.4.4 and Sense 6, but beyond that, it’s anyone’s guess.


It’s not without precedent. HTC’s E8 and Butterfly 2 both have a higher resolution camera, the latter of which has a 13MP Duo Camera setup like the rumoured M8_EYE.

Source: Android Police.

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This camera can’t compete with Apple iPhone 6 camera which is also 8MP but has greater potential than this.

Greg McPherson
Ausdroid Reader

Butterfly 2 = Plastic M8 with 13MP camera.
Sadly the camera isn’t getting rave reviews.


I think they’d be better off making an 8mp ‘ultrapixel’ camera than just whacking a generic 13mp sensor. I liked that HTC were doing something different, sad to see them cave into the spec race.

Then again maybe they have developed a higher resolution ulreapixel camera and are saving it for the M9 next year.

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