Wednesday , June 6 2018

Does this photo show Motorla’s Shamu, the next Nexus?

nexus2cee_image_thumb45It seems only yesterday that we reported on Motorola’s Shamu, which is lining up to be the next Nexus device in the form of a mooted Nexus 6. Oh wait. It was only yesterday. Today we’ve got another photo of the Shamu, and this time it shows us  some updated kernel specs. Let’s break it down.

The photo above, originally posted by Android Police, shows the original image left in the Droid Life comments, as well as a modified image (to the right) prepared by Android Police to reveal more of the phone’s actual shape. I don’t think that’s a particularly helpful analysis, except that it appears to have the same shape as the photos we’ve already seen.

What we can tell from the original image though is that the device is running an AOSP version of Android L, and it’s running a Google-built kernel built in Mountain View on 30 August. Why is this interesting? Google-built kernels generally only show up on Nexus devices, though GPE devices may sometimes qualify. With the GPE program not ever really having taken off in Australia, and being of limited success elsewhere, the suggestion that the Shamu could be the next Nexus phone are alive and well.

Until we have a launch announcement, it won’t get more official, but all signs are pointing to yes (or, in this case, Nexus).

What do you think?

Source: Android Police.

Chris Rowland   Editor and Publisher

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  1. I’ve been running L for ages and the buttons are no problem 🙂

  2. Hard to make out the device in these photos.. That said, those new on screen buttons are going to take me a while to get use to.

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