The LG G Watch R has not even officially arrived in Australia and rumours of yet another LG smartwatch have surfaced. We have already seen the original LG G Watch as reviewed by Daniel and the Moto 360 is due here in October/November, so it’s a bit of a surprise to see another LG smartwatch possibly on the horizon.

FCC documents suggest LG may be working on version three of their smartwatch range which will come with a built-in 3G CDMA radio. If this rumour is correct, it would be in direct competition to the recently released Samsung Gear S Tizen-based smartwatch.

There’s very little else known about this device and it’s unclear whether the device will run Google’s Android Wear platform or another platform. The FCC lists the device as a “Smartwatch + CDMA” so hopefully there is a 3G version on the cards for the Australian market too.

The shape of this smartwatch is again different from the first two released by LG being an elongated rectangle with rounded corners as depicted on a render filed with the FCC below:

What do think about the possibility of a 3G enabled smartwatch? Would you buy one?

Source: androidcentral.
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LG, getting good…………


Something like this is definitely what I’m waiting for. I like the idea of being able to leave my phone at home and go for a jog, but still make a call if necessary.


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