Early reports on battery life from owners of the Moto 360 Android Wear smartwatch, haven’t been great, but the latest OTA update which began rolling out last week, are seeing better results in their testing – with some reporting up to double their previous battery life.

Reports seem pretty good at this stage, with one user reporting 30 hours use, with 53% left on the battery, while another reports heavy usage, including 2 hours of navigation and the watch still had 41% battery life left after 17 hours. The official changelog for the KGW42R OTA update didn’t include much in the way of better battery life, unless you count that under the ‘Bug fixes – implemented bug fixes and other system optimizations’ category that was listed.

These reports are anecdotal of course, and we’re checking the Moto 360 which we have from Expansys for review to see how accurate the claims are – but signs are good. Seems Motorola may have addressed at least one early criticism of the watch.

Have you got a Moto 360? How is your battery life? Was it improved after the latest update?

Source: reddit.
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I now get 2 full days of battery life out of my 360. I use the minimal stock watchface with ambient screen off and auto brightness. The best part is that with the new GLΛSS update (XE21.3) they now play nice together – with much less battery drain on my phone when both are connected.


Damnit! I’m goingto have to order it again.

Matt Booth

I still had 51% at 9pm last night, usually I’d be under 20% by that time. Huge improvement in battery life, apparently related to bluetooth polling. Stock watch faces will also produce battery battery life than third party faces


Do you have an LG G watch by any chance? If you do, could you compare the battery life, post-update, between the two…. solely based on your usage.