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nexus2cee_image1We had a sneak peak at the Nexus 6 the other day, but it seems that it’s busted out of its confines and made an appearance out in public as well, as shown in the photograph above.

What do we know? Not much. The photos, courtesy of Android Police, show that the phone is in a snap-on case of some description (presumably to protect the identifying features a little) so we don’t have a good look at the outline of the phone’s case. From what we can see, though, the power and volume buttons are more centred on the right side of the device, to make them more easily accessible on a larger frame device.

The front facing speakers are also visible, and so are a few other features such as Android L, a headphone jack in the centre, and a mysterious Heart shaped notification icon which could well be a Google Fit notification.

You may also notice that the phone isn’t overwhelmingly large; while it certainly looks a bit bigger than the Nexus 5, it’s not significantly so. Without a frame of reference it’s a bit hard to do more than speculate, but we’re looking at something perhaps not quite as big as a Galaxy Note, but still packing a 5.9″ screen.

It won’t be long until we know if this is (or was) a Nexus 6, because a rumoured launch date is only a few weeks away at most. What do you make of all this?

Source: Android Police.
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Avon Perera

You missed the perfect opportunity for “A wild Nexus 6 appears!”


I dunno…the bezels on top and bottom look bigger than the bezels on a note, so I would say it would at least be taller than a note. bigger screen plus bigger bezels, it can’t be smaller than a note…(Unless the screen is not 5.9…)

The bezels on the side though look very narrow so maybe it’s slimmer? Being slimmer is probably more important when it comes to sliding in to pockets comfortably


The bottom bezel looks pretty small, and the top is extenuated by the bumper case. I think it’ll end up being about the same size as the iphablet. No sign of a notification LED (maybe the top left corner that’s blurred out?)

Of course the big question that hasn’t been addressed yet is – how much?

Matt Booth

That looks closer to the 5.2″ rumour to me, which I’m very pleased to see


I sure hope so!!!


As soon as i saw these pics, i picked up my N5 and held it in similar fashion to how the N6 is behind held… It’s definitely wider. Unless that person has smaller hands than me?
Still not overly impressed by phablets in general.