Google Cast
Google has been moving towards the term ‘Google Cast’ for their Chromecast functions for a while now. To emphasise this, it appears Google has updated Google Play Chromecast apps section of the Android Google Play Store to be now called ‘Google Cast’.

Google Cast - Play Store

It’s gotten a little confusing, but it appears Google is trying to move towards Google Cast as the protocol, while the Chromecast remains as the $49 dongle we all know and love. There is no real ‘Google Cast’ section on the Google Play webstore, but the ‘Google Cast’ naming is also on the Chromecast Apps page as well, so it seems it’s definitely being slid in.

It’s fairly innocuous, so file this one under interesting and maybe start referring to Google Cast next time you refer to the act of casting to your Chromecast dongle.

Via: Android Central.
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    its always been like that Google Cast is the Protocol and Chromecast is a product that supports Google Cast with Android TV supporting Google Cast there going to be a heap more device hell every Android L device could be a Cast Receiver