Android L on Galaxy S5
Samsung has been relatively good at updating their flagship devices to the latest version of Android soon after release, and it’s expected that once Android L is released, the Galaxy S5 and Note 4 – as well as other top shelf devices – should see it soon after. Samsung is apparently already working on an Android L version of their UI, possibly through access to the Partner Development Kit, and Sammobile has shown off an eight minute walkthrough of Android L on a Galaxy S5 for your viewing pleasure.

The video shows off a Galaxy S5 running Android L build: LRW58J. The build shows a lot of influence from Material Design, including a lot more white space, which Samsung has traditionally steered clear of due to the AMOLED screens in their devices showing deeper, better blacks – not to mention the power savings of black on AMOLED.

The Samsung default replacement apps such as Dialler, Messaging and Calendar all show Material Design influences, although it seems to still have that ‘Samsung’ feel about it, so Samsung fans won’t feel too large a jolt from a new interface. The Samsung quick settings drawer shows influences as well, but still remains a full page of settings as usual.

There are a number of Screenshots over at the source as well if you want a closer look at the build and what Samsung has in store. When the build will roll out obviously depends on Google releasing Android L, but from the looks of things, work is progressing well despite Sammobile saying this is an ‘Alpha’ build, and hopefully Samsung will be right on this.

What do you think of Samsung’s efforts with Android L?

Source: Sammobile.
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Joshua Hill

Wasn’t Samsung supposed to be following a more AOSP like OS in the future. I see very little evidence of that here. Big old G wont be happy 😉

Craig Baldie

Still waiting on Samsung to release Kit Kat for my Galaxy S4…


What variant do you have? It’s been out now for a very long time Globally, which goes to show how sh*t the Aussie carriers are at approving it for their network use. I would check out the firmware section of sammobile. com and download a Germany DBT version – It’s on 4.4.2. I had to do that to a friends S4 LTE (GT-I9505) as he got sick of waiting for the Aussie carriers to play catchup. If you use Odin to flash the official firmware it doesnt trip KNOX and the firmware works perfectly fine on the Aussie network. PS… Read more »