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With the possibility of a decidedly phablet sized 5.9″ Nexus 6/X on the horizon, there’s been a LOT of talk about what screen size is perfect. This is obviously a subjective question, because everyone is different, but we thought we’d hit you up and take a poll of what phone screen size is the perfect size.

For bonus points, if the Nexus 6/X IS a 5.9″ Phablet, are you going to purchase one anyway just to try it out or are you deadset against/for the handset size? Let’s talk this one out.

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My next handset will probably be moto x, I like getting nexus phones, but when I cut out a cardboard cutout jut to try the size… Nexus 6 is too big, but I’ll probably get caught up and buy one anyway.


4.7″ is the ideal screen size for me however I’m willing to go up to 5″. The only thing is that sometimes I text with one hand, so 4.7 already is stretching the limits of that capability so a larger screen will diminish my ability to do that.


I loved my note 3..but instarted using a tab s 8.4 a lot an now the note 3 feels small. I guess its all comparable to what u do. 5.5-6inch seems pretty good. Unweilding becomes a matter bezel-factor


If it will be called Nexus 6, I want all the promised inches, 6″ exact; enough with the decimal points. Alternatively, make a new Nexus 10 Plus (Nexus X+?), a 10′ tablet, which has one side detached to a 4″phone. What? Yes, there will be a line where the phone will transform to a table, but I had no problems with my Sony Trinitron in the 90’s.. As a tablet, the 4″ side can have toolbars and menus, or a always on messaging app, while the remaining screen would multitask other things.. You asked, you got my opinion. I’ll send… Read more »


Here are the prototypes.. Basically, give me a thing I can call people with and huge screen, i have two hands available…


here is the blueprints of my NexusX+ device :comment image Please pay here…:P

geoff fieldew

‘5.0″ – Oh Nexus 5, we love you.’ There’s a little hand gymnastics involved but the extra size is worth it. 4.5 – 4.7″ phones tend to be a little trickier to read text on for me. Smaller screen, lower PPI. 5.1″ and larger. The Galaxy S5 was just a bit too unwieldy for me. Not interested in anything bigger. The Nexus 5 is still my ideal phone. After nearly a year with it my only real gripe is how often it wants the charger! I’ve also been using a 4.0″ phone (iPhone) for the last 6 months. I now… Read more »

Satwik Kamatmehbro

Bring on the nexus 6! My Note 3 is definitely starting to feel small these days 🙂

Benjamen Meiers

My Nexus 5 is too small for me and is actually a bit uncomfortable. I have a feeling the Nexus 6 might swing to other side and be uncomfortable due to being too big. Luckily one will get the trade off of having a larger screen. Much more room for activities.



I am settled on it now.
I have been using an old 4.7″ Galaxy Nexus for the past month, and while that is functional, and horribly slow, the other day I bought myself a 2014 Moto G, and, ahhhh, just that slightly bigger screen is the Right Size. I wouldn’t have wanted to go smaller.

I have looked at the LG G3, and while it is workable, it seems like a step too far.
Maybe a 5.2″? Maybe?


I’ve seen a few videos comparing the size of LG G3 to HTC One M8 and they are actually very close in size thanks to the small bezels of the G3

Iain Simmons

The G3 is still a bit wider though. I think you have to take everything into account, not just the screen size, as you’ve alluded to. Even the materials used on the back of the phone (if you don’t use cases) is important for how it feels in the hand ir how easy it is to grip/handle. Many people commented on the slippery feel of the One M8, and obviously sticking it in a case detracts from the premium feel. Obviously the issue with the Nexus phones is that you often don’t get a chance to physically handle one in… Read more »

Joshua Hill

4.5″. If the Nexus 6 is cheap enough I’ll probably get one to try a tabone sized smartphone.


5.9″ sounds perfect for me….my note 3 could definitely be bigger.

Stephen Murray

5″ is about the biggest I’d personally go, but for me phones around the 4.5″ size are my preference


While the N6 is not, and will not be, on my shopping list, its size would not put me off using one if I had to.


I’ll definitely be getting one neXus since my partners Nexus 4 is getting a little old now. I’m hoping someone will do a nice printable outline of the neXus so I can gauge hand placement for myself though.


You can compare phone sizes on GSM Arena website. I did this to compare my nexus 4 against
the Sony z3 compact. That’s where I determined my preference for 4.5 to 4.7 inch screen.