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9to5Google Shamu Render
It started with a render. Well, there were some specs as well, but the 5.9″ size of the Nexus 6/X has been something that most people accept. But what the phone will look like in its final form hasn’t been seen (officially), but that hasn’t stopped the innovative people of the internet from rendering and comparing the device all over the place.

9to5Google were the first to throw up the render seen above of the Nexus 6 or ‘Shamu’, as it’s apparently known internally. Google apparently continuing their ‘fishy’ naming scheme of their Nexus devices. Shamu is, if you don’t know, the name of a fairly famous Orca who lives at Sea World in San Diego.

We then saw a picture of a phone purported to be ‘Shamu’ lying next to an LG G3, which a reader on XDA-Developers left in the Droid-Life comments.
Motorola Shamu vs LG G3

Android Police were next to show off a render of the device, at the same time advising they could confirm the name of the phone as the Nexus 6. Their render was based off an actual device, but obviously they didn’t want to identify their source, so they created this render to show the button placement and device, note the updated icons for Android L apps.

Droid-Life followed up with a fairly good effort, rendering the Nexus 6 in Black and White for your viewing pleasure. Including for the first time the infamous ‘Nexus’ branding on the back of the device which had been missing until now.

Of course Android Police were also first to show the phone off in the wild thanks to a keen-eyed reader. The pics of the phone in the wild sparked debate on exactly how big the phone is, due to the phone looking actually quite usable in the hand.

So how big is it compared to other devices? Well, there’s been some industrious sparks out there who’ve done a variety of comparisons, up to and including creating Wood and cardboard dummies of the phone. As you can see from this comprehensive list it’s pretty big:

Shamu Comparison

If it’s time to get into the physical world though, an enterprising redditor has even made their own wooden Nexus 6 to compare to the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 (Spoiler: it fits in between).

If that doesn’t strike you as complete, how about a cardboard one?

It’s going to be big, someone is going to create a cardboard template at some stage, just like iPhone users printed out templates of the iPhone 6 Plus. It’s still not official, until it’s official. But now you’ve had a chance to check the sizes, jump on over to our screen poll and let us know what you think of the screen-size of the Nexus 6.

Source: 9to5GoogleAndroid PoliceDroid-lifeXDA-Developers.
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Squidgy (David)

This is the best size mockup video I’ve seen 🙂

Jack Alltrades

cant wait !!!