HTC Desire Eye
The HTC ‘Double Exposure’ event on the 8th of October is rumoured to be to launching their GoPro style action camera the ReCamera, as well as a selfie style phone with, obviously an emphasis on the front-facing camera. Leaker @Upleaks, has apparently come across some of the features for the phone and released them on twitter last night.

The phone will be in the Desire line, which in a return to the high-life of the original Desire, will actually contain some fairly high-end specs. The phone will be known as the HTC Desire Eye, or ‘Eye’ for short and will feature a 13MP camera. The rest of the specs will be :

Also in keeping with the Desire line, which seems to have become HTC’s ‘fun’ line, the phone looks to be coming in both red and blue options, with highlights accenting a white body.

Desire Eye - 13MP FF Camera

It seems HTC may be going ‘all-in’ on selfies as well, with @upleaks advising that a good deal of the current HTC phone line-up, including the HTC One M8, M8 Ace, M8 Mini(One Mini 2), A5 (Desire 816), M7 (One), M4 (One Mini), T6 (One Max) and B2 (Butterfly 2) will get ‘Selfie-specialized functions soon. (before Android L update)’.

This could all be announced at the event, but nothings confirmed till the phone is announced. So stay tuned.

Do you need a 13MP Selfie camera phone in your life?

Source: @Upleaks.