Nexus 9
There has been so much talk recently about the leaks of the Nexus 6 that you may be excused for letting slip to the back of your mind the Nexus 9 tablet. The Nexus 9 has had it’s own share of rumours, that it will be manufactured by HTC, that it will appear in mid October and then just the other day it passed through the FCC on it’s way to us, the consumer. Even with these leaks there has not been any leaked images of it until now.

Tipster @upleaks, who seems to have taken over prolific leaking from EvLeaks, has revealed an image of the rear of the Nexus 9 in a tweet. The label of the tablet, T1, is HTC’s internal codename for the Nexus 9 tablet. He followed up that tweet by confirming that the Nexus 9 will not have a metal body as rumoured early on.

This image seems to confirm that the Nexus 9, made by HTC, will have a 4:3 screen ratio which was suspected on yet another leak earlier on. With these leaks seemingly coming thick and fast it may not be long until we see this released to the public.

Are you interested in a 4:3 ratio Nexus 9 tablet or are you like me and prefer a widescreen tablet?

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Damon Lewis

4:3 will probably push me to an Nvidia Shield Tablet.


I think it looks good. I’m not really a fan of large sized 16:9 tablets, Too wide in landscape and way, way too tall when holding it portrait. Tabs like the 12″ Galaxy tab is ridiculous in portrait. Nexus 7 wasn’t too bad because it was a smaller tablet, but the 10″ tabs are too long imo.

This looks like it’s got the right idea. 4:3 on 9″ seems like a really useable device both in landscape and portrait, while having a large enough screen.

I’ll consider getting it, assuming it’s priced less than $500.


funnily enough I’m going to wait until i see it. if it comes with that keyboard folio i’m all over it- dual boot it with ubuntu (I’d love chromeOS too) 😀


Heh, I’m unsure about the keyboard to be honest. I mostly use my tab just lazing around the house. Don’t really want a keyboard I’d have to type on.

Though if that keyboard thing is real, I could see a lot of people wanting it. As far as an addon goes, it looks pretty good.


See, that would be interesting – dual boot to chromeOS to become a chromebook. Would make some sense then.


I like 4:3 but I’m still not sold on big Android tablets. I love my N7, but until Android gets iPad apps like Paper, I’ll sit back until the store gets fleshed out.


I don’t think that I’ll be too fuss about a 4:3. I tend to use my tablets more for reading than watching TV shows/movies.


4:3 seems an odd choice but I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve seen it in the flesh (or at least in real time action).


If you’ve ever used an ipad you’ll know that 4:3 is superior for reading and web browsing. It will take an incredible amount of willpower and some absolutely scathing reviews to stop me buying this thing.