Nexus 6. Nexus X. Shamu. They’re the key words we’re looking for at the moment regarding Google’s next phone launch and you take what information you see regarding them generally with a grain of salt. This time a device claiming to be the Nexus X “Shamu” has been benchmarked on Geekbench and if it is the next Nexus phone, it doesn’t look too bad.

Let’s just start by saying how easy it is to fake these results, it’s a piece of cake. If the results are real however, then the signs are good that the phone could be quite the speed demon. The phone has gone up against some big names in the tests, coming out slightly below the iPhone 6 and 5s in the results of the Single-Core tests, but beating both in results of the Multi-Core test.

Nexus X Geekbench - Single Core

Nexus X Geekbench - Multi-Core

The Nexus 6/X or whatever Google decides to call it (We like Nexus X), is rumoured to be coming with some decent specs. The screenshot (below) from the Geekbench test adds to these rumours stating that the rumoured Snapdragon 805 processor will be clocked at 2.6GHz and confirms the rumoured 3GB of RAM. Back into rumour and the Nexus 6/X is supposed to come with options for 16GB or 32GB of on-board storage, 13MP camera with Optical Image Stabilisation – and who can forget that rumoured 5.9″ QHD resolution screen?

Geekbench Nexus X Specs

Those specs add up to something which most fans are interested in – except for that size screen, but with those benchmark results it’s promising. We’ll have to wait a little while longer for the announcement which is rumoured for October 16th, but we’re getting quite excited now.

Source: Geekbench.
Via: PhoneArena.
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As far as benchmarks go, this is “meh” – but then again, did we expect anything more? With the thermal throttling we are going to need a process shrink before we see an significant changes in these. As I work it, we are waiting for : * Announcement of Nexus 6/X/Shamu * Announcement of Nexus 8/9/Volantis * Announcement of “L”/Lollipop/Lemon Meringue/Licorice Allsorts Previously the pass through the FCC has been fairly well in advance of actual release – which suggests at earliest we could see it is the end of the month, more likely Nov. That goes double since the… Read more »

Joshua Hill

From memory the last two Nexus phones, 4 and 5 were released in November with limited availability. They were not regularly in stock until the following year. This release seems no different.


Nexus 5 was launched & released on 31st Oct (Halloween) or early on the morning of the 1st Nov (Oz time) – I know because I ordered one then. And they were in regular stock (several thousand headed in just this direction on that day, as I remember from the tracking). It’s just the rate of shipping limited the release rate as everyone piled in. Nexus 4 was unveiled on 29th October, and released on 13th November. Which would tend to suggest a similar end of Oct date for the Nexus 6 – only the Nexus 5 hit the FCC… Read more »


16gb = no deal
32 = pushing it…

Really needs at least 64gb as it has no micro SD support.

Joshua Hill

If the price goes up as a lot of people are speculating then Google should really offer this in 32Gb and 64Gb.