MTP - ChromeOS
Google has begun slowly introducing more cross platform connectivity options between ChromeOS and Android. They’ve so far introduced Android apps on ChromeOS, and they’ve also been working on allowing Android owners the option to connect their Android devices to Chromebooks. This feature update has been coming to Chromebooks since May, when Google first introduced it to the ChromeOS Dev Channel in build 36.

MTP compatibility has finally been brought down to the stable channel with ChromeOS build 38.0.2125.101 now including the feature. It’s still in limited release though, with Google advising that MTP connectivity is live for all Chrome OS devices except Chromeboxes.

It’s not the only new feature included in ChromeOS stable 38, Google has also included ‘a set of features to enhance touch screen accessibility’. So people with a ChromeOS device with touch screen, could see some better accessibility with their Chromebook.

It’s live now if you update your device so go to the Settings Menu, select Help and ensure that the latest version has come down (you may need a reboot). Then it’s as simple as plugging your phone into your Chromebook with a microUSB cable.

Source: Chrome Releases Blog.