The Nexus 6 is coming soon and it’s apparently in the hands of some carrier staff, with a user on reddit claiming to have had hands-on time with the device. He’s posted screenshots of the CPUID screenshots from the phone on Twitter as proof and is answering questions – vaguely, so as not to out his friend – on the reddit thread.

The redditor – lk182 – has shared the CPUID shots on his Twitter feed under the user name @r0fl, and if you’re to believe the screenshots, the phone will have a 2.6GHz Snapdragon 805 CPU with Adreno 420 GPU, 3GB RAM and is running Android 5.0. He doesn’t give an exact screen size, but does say it’s larger than 5.2″, with the screenshots below stating that the phone has a 1440×2392 resolution, leaving 168 pixels for the navigation bars.

As to the look of the phone, he says that the phone ‘looks exactly like a moto x it does have the flash circle’, he also describes the back as being ‘Soft touch plastic’, but he’s unsure as to whether the phone has a removable back, or if it has Qi charging. He also advised the handset he used has LTE, but it’s assumed based on his history that the phone is a Sprint branded device.

To claim credibility, he’s linked to Engadget showing his Twitter ID, to show that he’s leaked information related to Sprint branded devices to the site previously.

It’s quite easy to fake this sort of thing and with only a few weeks left till release, there’s been so many leaks already that he could have made it up. Over to you, what do you think?

Source: reddit.
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If it’s truly 5.9” in size then they have completely shot themselves in the foot. I know plenty of people including myself who wont go for it. Here’s hoping its no more than 5.5”


Nexus 9 with ChromeOS would be awesome!


One weird thing about the leak, is the internal storage.
23.03GB total, 20.55GB available. What gives with those weird amounts?
There’s no mention of 8GB being shaved off as an internal ‘SD card’, but 32GB would be the more expected amount. I don’t recall of ever hearing of a device shipping with 24, much less 23GB of storage.

Joshua Hill

CPU Z’s internal storage measurement is the internal storage minus the size of the android OS. My N7 (2013) 32GB model running stock 4.4.4 shows 26.41GB free.


Thanks Joshua.

Iain Simmons

Wow so Android L takes up an extra 3.4GB or so?!

Because presumably the other unavailable space is from other pre-installed apps…

Joshua Hill

If the Nexus 6 is running in 64bit mode, which is not possible on the snapdragon 805 as far as I know, then the OS will be a little bigger than the 32bit code equivalent. I’m hoping the final release will be smaller, something still seems a little off with that internal space reading.


“a few weeks left till release”? I think it’s generally accepted that it will be announced on the 16th and made available on the 31st. One would assume that the specs would be included in the announcement next week. Like many others, I’m passing for the first time ever. Very disappointed. I’ll consider the Moto X, but I’ll probably just stick with my Nexus 5 and hope that Android L is enough excitement to keep me going for another year (I doubt the excitement will last that long).

Daniel Tyson

Generally accepted and actual fact are two different things.

vijay alapati

Pass on 6

I love the new Nexus 6 and 5.9″ screen size but by the looks of this, it’s too big.


It may be same height, but a little more wider than the large bezel ed iphone 6plus, im open to it at this point or a moto x or even a discounted lg g3 at $600.

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Darren Ferguson

If the Nexus 6 is rocking 3GB of RAM, I hope the Nexus 9 St least matches it. I’ve only been hearing 2GB in most rumours.

Joshua Hill

Some earlier rumours were saying 4GB. Hopefully this is true.

Darren Ferguson

I was under the impression that they were using more RAM just for testing how things work with the new 64bit support. I think I read 5GB at some point.
With such a large screen, a lot of RAM is going to be eaten up by graphics, just hope there is enough left over.

Sujay Vilash

The screenshot says that RAM is 2970MB with only 873MB available. That is very minuscule amount of RAM for apps from such a large amount to start off with.