HTC One M8 Eye
When HTC held their ‘Double Exposure’ event in New York yesterday, there were rumours circulating that an updated HTC One M8 would be launched with a 13MP ‘Duo Camera’ included in the phone. We were introduced to the HTC Desire Eye, but the One M8 Eye appears to be real, at least according to a listing on HTC China’s website.

Priced at 3,999 Yuan (About AU$744), the HTC One M8 Eye is essentially the same as the HTC One M8, at least in design, but packs a 13MP camera on the rear. There’s mention of some sort of 3D imaging as well, but it appears that there will be more information coming soon, with the website advising an October 15th launch date.

The HTC site appears to have been taken down for now, but if you were impressed with the higher resolution camera of the Desire Eye, but still lust after that Aluminium Unibody of the One M8, then you may have an option quite soon.

Would you like to get a HTC One M8 with a more traditional, higher resolution camera?

Source: HTC.