Gameloft is running a sale at the moment which will let you get your hands on some of their older premium titles for as low as just $0.10, or some of their newer titles like Modern Combat 5 for as low as $4.49 ($3 off the usual price).

The sale is exclusive to Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand only – that’s right, the US misses out for once. There’s five titles on-sale for as low as $0.10 but you’ll have to pay a little more for Modern Combat 5 and The Amazing Spiderman 2. The titles on-sale are :

There’s no mention of how long the sale is going for, so if you haven’t played these games yet, go get them. At their current prices, they are an absolute steal. Head on over to Google Play and grab some new games.

Source: Gameloft.
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    is this offer still in place?

    Harry Hanelt

    Does anyone else have a message that comes up saying that Gangstar is incompatible with their nexus 5?

    Darren Ferguson

    Often you can buy on one device and then sideload the apk. Since you have bought it, it’ll authenticate alright if it checks that.


    Jelly bean only maybe?


    Tintin is compatible with my Xoom, and my Desire (the original one, including the AMOLED screen it’s impossible to see in sunlight), but not my N5, my N7 (2012) or my Shield Tablet? WTH, Gameloft?

    Bonus points: 9mm will only run on the Xoom. Need all 10 inches, huh buddy?

    Joshua Hill

    9mm and The Adventures Of Tintin are incompatible with my N7 2012, N7 2013 and Z1 compact 🙁 Tintin was the only title I wanted.