Pre-ordering content is a mainstay for fans, pre-ordering a new book, comic or even an album or movie at a bricks and mortar store is pretty well accepted. It allows stores to get stock in and also gives the customer a sense of achievement that they’ll get stock on launch day. Of course with digital content, the stock level is a moot point, but you still know that the item will pop-up in your library on the day it’s released.

Google has allowed pre-ordering of books for a while now and music since August this year, but they’ve just introduced pre-orders for Movies – at least in the US, with the option to pre-order due to roll out to other countries ‘soon!’. It’s a fairly straight-forward process, when the option appears you’ll be able to search for an upcoming movie and then select the pre-order button, or as Google describe:

  1. Choose the title that you want and click the pre-order button.
  2. If you are new to Google Play you will need to enter credit card details, but your card will not be charged until the movie is delivered.
  3. You will receive an email receipt and the pre-order will be added to ‘My Movies’. Clicking on your pre-ordered movie will take you to the latest info about it, including release date.
  4. On the day the movie becomes available, you will receive an email confirming your purchase and the delivery of the movie to your library.
  5. Then it’s yours to own and enjoy!

It’s a debatable point as to whether pre-ordering is good value, but for fans, the fact you get the content on release is a great thing. Hopefully this rolls out to Australia soon.

Do you pre-order books or music on Google Play?

Source: +Google Play.
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    Just stream it all 🙂


    Pre-ordering digital items? What is going to happen? Will they run out of stock?


    I’d be more excited if they released the titles in surround sound rather than stereo in AU.