Galaxy Note 4 Note Edge
Last month at their Australian launch event, Samsung Australia announced that the Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge would launch in Australian stores and with carriers on the 29th of October for the Galaxy Note 4 and the 5th of November for the Note Edge. Samsung Australia has today advised that they have had to revise those dates, with the Note 4 set to launch on the 5th of November and the Note Edge now launching on the 12th of November.

Samsung Australia has advised that the handsets will still go up for pre-order on Wednesday the 15th of October. As for the delay, Samsung Australia has so far been mum on the reason for the delay, offering this apology:

We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused our customers.

What the reason behind the delay is – regulatory? parts delays? – is unknown at this stage. We’ve asked Samsung Australia for further clarification and hope to update soon, but we may never know. Until then the phone pre-orders will go ahead tomorrow, or you could head over to Yatango and check out their slightly cheaper deals on the handsets.

Will this affect your decision to purchase a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or Note Edge?

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Nexus 6 will be announced soon…..


I will still wait for the Note 4 as not much comes close to it for my needs. Will be interesting if the grey importers can import the versions with carrier aggregation working for Telstra and Optus. Lets see.


Or you can save an extra $40 and buy it from Unique Mobiles


I would love a note edge if it weren’t for the price.