Optus has opened pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in store and online, in black and white colours.

Optus’ big incentive for customers signing up for a Note 4 on a new contract is $0 upfront on an $80 month plan (that also gets you an extra 2GB of data, bringing it to 5GB/month until November 2). On that plan (a 2-year contract), your Note 4 and two years of service comes to $1920.

Remember, if you’re switching to Optus from another carrier you could be eligible for up to $450 credit to ease the transition and early termination fees.

Pre-orders are open now. As advised yesterday, the Note 4 Australian launch has been delayed slightly and the device will now be available in store and online from November 5. The $0 upfront offer on the $80 plan is good until November 4, but the 2GB of bonus data offer ends on November 2 – you’ve got a little time to think about it.


Optus also advises that preorders for the Note Edge and Gear S will open on October 29 and the device will become available from November 12.

Are you pre-ordering a Note 4 on Optus? Tell us in the comments!

Source: Optus.
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well, i am hoping for a note edge and gear S for my birthday, but from Telstra

Mark F

Received my Note 4 from Yatango Shopping last week. Outright is definitely the better option if you can afford it / don’t mind putting it on your credit card.


Well going from my current $50 plan, I would get the note 4 on a $64 plan a month total, which costs me just over $300 over 24 months EXTRA for the phone. Did you get the note 4 for less than $300?

Mark F

You are assuming that everyone spends $50 per month on their mobile plan, when there are companies like Vaya reselling Optus 4G for $18 per month.

I got the Exynos variant, which is supposed to be a bit faster, and unlike previous Exynos variants, the mobile supports 4G.


Battery life is worse, and you will get worse support for aftermarket roms if that is your thing. $18 gets you 1.5gb data, who uses less than 1.5gb data?????

Mark F

Benchmarks have shown the Exynos 5433 to be very energy-efficient in the Note 4. Unless you have a link showing that the Snapdragon variant has better battery life than the Exynos, that is an assumption.

According to the Optus website, the Note 4 is $62 per month with a measly 500MB of data.

Under what circumstances are you paying $64 per month for the Note 4 with 3GB of data?


Please check out virginmobile. They have plans for the note 4 from $57 a month with 2.3gb data = Plan in total for 24 months: 1368 which is better than your deal.
Each and every time Samsung has released an exynos variant, the battery life has been worse. I have therefore assumed based on historical experience. And from my experience, (which is why I sold it and bought the snapdragon version of S4), ROM development is far slower and behind snapdragon development. There will be more snapdragon versions out in the world, therefore more development for them.


Sad to say the Snapdragon variant will get a GPE, which means the snapdragon versions will get a GPE rom!


The Exynos is awesome for the techies, 20nm (while snapdragon is still 28nm) and 64bit *drool*


Lol don’t drool on the note 4 though!