Samsung is getting better with their update schedule, at least for the higher end devices. A leaked build of Android L running on a Galaxy S5 was recently seen, showing that Samsung is at least working on the next build of Android for their premier phone. But that’s in the future, for now a list of dates apparently showing when 13 Galaxy phones will receive Android 4.4 has shown up on XDA-Developers.

According to the list Samsung’s top tier devices, including the Galaxy S5 (SM-G9000I and SM-G9000F variants) and the Galaxy Note 3(SM-N900 and N900S variants) are due to see the update in October, with a slew of Galaxy devices possibly due to see the update in November.

There’s still doubt on whether several devices including the Galaxy S4 Mini Duos, S4 Mini, Grand 2 Duos and Grand 2 as well as the Galaxy Note 2 and Note 2 LTE will see the update, with their status still listed as ‘Pending’. This is of course pure speculation as Samsung themselves have not announced anything with regards to a release time frame for Android 4.4.

There’s a number of devices still waiting for Android 4.4 so we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Source: XDA-Developers.
Via: GForGames.
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I don’t see my model SM-G906S 🙁


My S5 is still running 4.4.2, Optus had approved the 4.4.4 update 4 weeks ago and then mysteriously it got pulled while waiting for Samsung to deploy it. Now their update page shows 4.4.2

The Deviant

No love for the S4 Active?

Dave Belling

Same here, dude. About to flash a ROM. Soon as the Note 4 gets here…