Lollipop Is Here
Google has had some fun over the last day, teasing us yesterday morning with the Android L mascot audition video. Today, with the launch and official naming of Android L as Android 5.0 – Lollipop, we get the sequel which shows the winning lollipop.

Google ends with a nod to a bid by Indian Android enthusiast to have the L version of Android named after a dessert popular on the sub-continent, called Ladoo by saying ‘Ladoo, stay delicious’. There’s no sign of Lamington, so we now move on to ensuring that Android P is Pavlova.

Google has also released this video of a twerking lion to launch Lollipop :

As another bonus, Google has also put up all their Androidify character TV ads for you to enjoy on the Android YouTube Channel. You’ll remember the first one which leaked the Nexus 6.

Android: Bus Stop

Android: Phone Drop

Android: Road Trip

Android: Block Party

Source: Android YouTube.
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    Joshua Hill

    Is it L for Lollipop or L for LSD, that launch video is pretty psychedelic!