The launch of the Nexus 6 this morning has left us with some questions, mainly to do with pricing and availability. We know the phone will go up for pre-order in the US on Google Play in late October, but what about Australia? We approached Motorola Australia to find out.

Motorola Australia has re-affirmed all the great new hardware in the Nexus 6 and has shared the following statement regarding Nexus 6 availability in Australia.

Nexus 6 will be available for pre-order through the Google Play Store in late October. There are two colours to choose from – Midnight Blue or Cloud White – and two memory options – 32GB and 64GB. Nexus 6 will also be available through retail stores across Australia and New Zealand in November 2014. Check with local retailers for specific model, price and availability.

We’re very interested to hear from retailers and carriers in Australia with more information on the launch of the Nexus 6 – as well as the Nexus 9 and Nexus Player – and we’ll keep you updated on any further information we receive.

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Well, to date that statement made by Motorola is a load of bullshit.


Never ever buy Nexus through Australia retailers
Given last year that N5(16Gb) was selling A699 in most of the Big retail places, while play store selling A399
I wont be surprise if the retail price end up 1K+ for the 64Gb version, if you think it’s worth it, so be it

Isaac Zhao

It’s more expensive, because it’s manufactured in Europe not Asia

Fiddle Castro

Nice update @Daniel. Did you get an update from Moto on the X also?


Yay! Great to hear that we’re probably getting it at the same time.


Can’t wait, probably just better to get an unlocked version from google than buying one through telstra etc, anyone agree?


I’m not sure. I assume it will be full RRP on Google Play, then you have to pay for shipping.

There’s a chance retailers might have it cheaper than Google would and you won’t have to pay shipping. I’d wait to see what the retailers pricing is before you decide to order it on Google Play.


From previous releases retailers are more expensive or the same price.

Id go to Google play myself for easy returns and replacements. Was a few more steps when I had to replace my Harvey Norman N4. Also wasnt eligible for the $50 price drop when the n5 was announced due to it being from HN.

Google plays 14 day no questions asked return policy is ideal for all the people on the fence about the size of the thing.

Peter Massey

Also depends on your situation. For me it’s better to get one on plan as work subsides my contact and phone+plan is more $$$ than just plan and I have to pay for the phone out of my own pocket.

Shame Telstra announced so late with the N5 this, otherwise would have gone that route.


As a previous Nexus lover I’m afraid Google have lost me with the pricing of the Nexus 6. If I wanted to spend from $740 for a 32GB Nexus I might as well buy a Galaxy Note 4 or similar. As with the Nexus 5, the price of the N6 will probably be well above the Play Store price which makes it even more unafforbale for the average consumer. Bad move Google.


If you think the Note 4 is a better phone, you should get that. What I like about this phone is the software and front-facing speakers. What I like about the Note 4 is the fingerprint scanner (I don’t think I’d use the stylus). I don’t think this is an inferior phone though, which seems to be what you’re implying.


It’s not that I think the Note 4 is a better phone or the N6 is inferior, I just believe a lot of the success in sales of the N4 and N5 was due to the pricepoint. I’m just not sure how the N6 is going to sell at around the same price point as other high end devices. One of the advantages Nexus had previously was the price. Only time will tell…


Im happy they are going the more premium route myself. I just hope the camera and speakers are decent considering its price.

I paid $800-900 for the Nexus S when that came out. Its only the LG ones that were mid range priced.


True I paid 800 for galaxy nexus on preorder and I’m still using it

Paul Walker

Presumably the need to provide a margin to retailers explains the price being so much higher than the previous Nexus 5.

Benjamen Meiers

Maybe it is the more expensive camera, ram, cpu, gpu, screen, or battery. Even though it is considerably cheaper than any other phablet out there, I think maybe Google are pricing this at a slight profit unlike previous attempts. I don’t think it’s for the retailers at all.


This. It’s QHD. It’s got a huge spec bump compared to the 5.


great, Dear retailers I’ll be in to visit in November to hold this, this …. thing.


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So come late October, I can hop on the Play Store and pre-order the Nexus 6? That’s for Australia right?

Also, what about the Nexus 9? Is October 17 preorder date only for the US or for Australia too?

Darren Ferguson

Yes, really interested in this too. Do ausdroid have contacts with Google who can shed light on this? Or do we ask them on Twitter or something?


I would also like to know this. Is the “late October” phrase relating to Australia specifically or is it a generic phrase being thrown around by them?


any updates on the Moto 360?


Yes Im wearing mine 🙂