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The oft-forgotten arm of Motorola: Motorola Solutions, which split from Motorola Mobility in 2011 and concentrates on servicing the government and enterprise market, has begun teasing a new Android device, which they’re set to unveil on October 21st.

Described on their website as the Motorola Solutions’ New Mobile Computer, the phone is set to be launched by keynote speaker Ryan Estis and members of the Motorola leadership team at a web event you can sign up to attend on the site. Attendees are invited to learn ‘how our latest mobile computer is the smart way to build more flexible and efficient workflows in retail, manufacturing, and operations environments.’

The advert uses very rugged wording, such as ‘Tough’ and ‘Fortified’ throughout, while showing off closeups of the device. Best off if you check it out yourself:

The silhouette of the device certainly looks to be similarly designed to other ruggedised devices we’ve seen previously from CAT or even Mongrel phones.

We’re throwing guesses out that it’s going to be some sort of handheld warehousing inventory system or similar. We’ve all signed the ancient WindowsCE devices used by Australia Post or couriers at some stage, surely those systems are due for an update. We’ll find out on October 21st, we’ll tune in to see what it is and then work out if it will come to Australia.

Note: This article was updated to better reflect the origin of Motorola Solutions which split from Motorola Mobility in 2011, prior to the sale of the Mobility arm to Google.

Source: Motorola Solutions.
Via: Android Police.

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Daniel Tyson

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Rewatching the vid, carefully, this device looks like its a JellyBean device.


Dan, the key point showing that this is NOT a consumer device is at the 25 to 27 second mark. The ‘Symbol’ hand scanners logo.

Warehousing is one area where it might be planned for. I’m wondering if the device might be being planned for supermarket and department store on-shelf inventory management.

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