When it comes to Nexus phones we are used to receiving camera’s that are sub-par when compared to those from other manufacturers. This year Motorola have included a 13MP IMX 214 image sensor with a f/2.0 aperture, OIS, ring flash with dual LEDs and HDR+. It sounds great on paper but we are waiting to see real world pictures before we make a decision on the competency of the camera.

A tester of the device, Duan Dao has shared via his Google+ page some images of not only the device next to an iPhone 6+ but pictures that he took with his Nexus 6. Some of the images were posted a few days ago but we weren’t aware of that until today. The cat is out of the bag. While the device he has is not final retail hardware but he says it is pretty close. We assume the camera hardware and software wouldn’t change from his to the final product. If it does change we can only assume the software will only improve the images. Check the samples below and make your own mind up.

Of note is his comment on the Turbo Charging:

The Turbo Charger on the Nexus 6 is seriously NO JOKE. 100% charge in a little over an hour.

I don’t know what wizardry they used but this thing is mindblowing how fast it is to charge

Sounds like the device could be a real winner, hopefully a high-end device to match the high-end price.

Source: Duan Dao Google+.
Via: Phone Arena.
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Jonathan Seymour

The kid looks terrifying my the tv ‘fireplace’.


Alright, I’ll be the first one to say it; the photos look pretty mediocre.

Expected a LOT more from this phone.


I actually think they look great. Pretty low light shots there!