The Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 are now official. We know the specs and we know that they will be arriving in Google Play for pre-order in the coming days and weeks -at least in the US. We’re also now aware of how much the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 will be, at least in the US and from the looks of it, the days of cheaply priced Nexus phones and tablets are over.

Pricing Summary

Device Variant US Price Est. AU price
 Nexus 6 32GB  $649 $738
 64GB  $699 $795
 Nexus 9  16GB WiFi  $399  $454
 32GB WiFi  $479  $545
 32GB LTE  $599  $681
 Nexus Player  Unit  $99  $112
 Controller  $39  $44

The Details

The Nexus 6 will be available in 32GB and 64GB configurations, the phone will be made available in the US for US$649 (AU$738) for the 32GB model, while the 64GB Nexus 6 will cost US$699 (AU$795).

The Nexus 9 will be slightly cheaper, though the 32GB LTE version will push the boundaries for most peoples wallets. The 16GB Wi-Fi model will cost US$399 (AU$454), while the 32GB Wi-Fi model will set you back US$479 (AU$545). The one that many people covet though, the 32GB LTE model will cost US$599(AU$681).

We’ve reached out to the Australian arms of Google, Motorola and HTC to get confirmation on availability and pricing for their devices and will update as soon as we have more information. We’ve also reached out to Asus about the price, as well as the availability information for the Nexus Player.

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Chris Spencer

I’m in. Price higher than we are used to but in line with specs and still represents excellent value for the device we are getting…including water resistance, which hasn’t been mentioned much..but is on the specs..


what boggles my mind is, if service providers will throw their own version of the firmware on that contains service providers bloatware and wait for service providers to release new OTA firmware updates or will it be stock plain vanilla firmware update direct from Google… if signing up for a contract?

i remember when i had my Galaxy Nexus, I had to wait for Telstra OTA updates not direct from Google which was frustrating because it took another a month or 2 later for Telstra to deploy…

geoff fieldew

This time I’m going against the trend. The “phones just keep getting bigger” trend. No Nexus 6 for me. I’ve gone backwards to a 4.6in phone and after a little adjustment I’m loving it!

Also, I just had a light bulb moment as to why Google didn’t refresh the popular Nexus 7 line. Because who in their right mind buys a 6in phone and 7in tablet? I know, I’m a bit slow

Damien Xenos

I wonder if this will push Google into discounting when the device gets old. For instance you could get a LG G3 for $500 + delivery a while back. It’s mid $500s now as is the GS5 or M8.

Without discounting down the product cycle you may actually pay more for the stock experience. Will be interesting to see how that plays out


After smashing my trusty GNex a few months ago I’ve put up with a mess
of a screen, waiting, hoping on the 6. As the leaks pretty much
confirmed the behemoth this thing is, the price is real killer for me. I
refuse to go contract in a day and age where carrier-tied contracts are
a joke. While it looks fantastic the size and price is beyond my budget
for an outright. Looks like it’s a Moto X for me.


That’s one spicy meatball. While the top-of-the-line specs are nice, that’s like twice the N5’s sticker price. I’d have chosen this over the G3 I have now, but I paid that price several months ago…


Well this marks a departure from cheaper priced phones. that said I am willing to pay fro quality, and if it wasn’t 6″ I would have tried to buy already (even though you can’t)


Wow. I would have been okay with the very large size of the Nexus 6 (which is a bad thing, in my book), had the price been comparative to the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5. But for the estimated AU price to be over $700? If that is true, there is no way I will be touching this with a bargepole. I might as well get an iPhone for that price. So it looks like the Nexus 4 will be the LAST Nexus phone I own (unless I see bargain prices on the Nexus 5). So disappointed and totally gutted.… Read more »

Shaun Brown

With the iPhone 6+ I have seen something around 999 AUD. If Nexus6 is 739, surely that’s a saving of 260.00. Not sure why you would want Apple based on that.


I don’t WANT Apple. I don’t WANT a non-Nexus phone. But one of the best parts of the Nexus program (for me, anyway) was the lower (under $500) price tag. My interest in the Nexus line dies with this (huge) increase in price.

My point regarding Apple was in regards to the awesome lower price tag on Nexus products. If I was the kind of person who was in the market for a phone which was over $700, I would be the kind of person who would get an iPhone. That is what I meant.


do you even know how much an iphone 6+ cost? you complain how expensive it is and you would rather spend MORE money to get an iphone because it is above the $700 tag? lol iphone 6+ 16gb is $999
and seriously, N6 is a premium decide compared the N4 and N5. hence more expensive.
and google has never said the nexus price tag is below 500. only the N4 and N5 were. galaxy nexus and nexus 1 was above and same with the nexus 10


Not changing my opinion here. I was apprehensive about the Nexus 6 anyway, due to the behemoth size, and the huge price jump seals the deal: No Nexus 6 for me. And if Nexus devices NEVER go below $500 again? I will be abandoning the Nexus line. I have stuck with the Nexus line for such a long time (my first Android device was a Samsung Nexus S when it first came out). I intended to stick with Nexus for a lot longer, but at a $700+ price point? Sorry Google, I’m not made of money. Still… I suppose I… Read more »


I don’t get it. Why can you justify spending $700+ on an iPhone but not a Nexus? That doesn’t make any sense.

You’re essentially saying the Nexus 6 is a cheap device regardless of screen quality, hardware, storage, and so on. It shouldn’t cost X amount regardless.


My point regarding Apple was in regards to the awesome lower price tag on Nexus products. If I was the kind of person who was in the market for a phone which was over $700, I would be the kind of person who would get an iPhone. That is what I meant.


I love that there are so many people saying ‘no’ to buying one. That means I will have more chance of getting one quicker without worrying to much that I’ll miss out on the first batch of pre-orders. 🙂

Darren Ferguson

Exactly. These are so decently priced compared to anything else in their league. It’s funny how put out people are because a larger, higher end device *gasp* costs more!

Dylan Wheeler

Move out of the way Nexus 6 haters! My google wallet account is updated and ready!


Haha! Probably about 10-15 minutes ago I was checking to make sure my CC details were all up to date and ready to go in Wallet. 🙂

archit jha

I still think it is decent value for what you get. I think the days of the stupidly cheap Nexus line are gone. Now its the time for decently priced premium devices.


Agree. It is pricey but I think we will also get a premium device as well. One that clearly stands out among the rest and can hold it’s own against the big guns like Samsung.

archit jha

Exactly, the N5 while being awesome value, corners were definitely cut.
This (N6) way we should get the best of everything, hopefully!


wow. super disappointing. certainly not the value for money they once were…


Certainly much higher quality than they once were as well.


surely that remains to be seen. i had no quality complaints with the nexus 5, which at hundreds of dollars cheaper seems much better value.


It’s made Moto which has a reputation for making solid devices.

Much bigger screen, bigger battery, faster/better hardware, and I’d almost certainly be willing to be bet a much better/higher build quality overall.

It’s a personal preference really. Some people will see value in it, such as myself. Others see the Nexus line as a cheap, mid-range device and don’t see the value.

Each to their own.


You are making assumptions without knowing the facts, a near doubling of price means the quality has to be much much better than anything Moto can produce and the LG 5 is a very good quality device. The 9 has bigger everything other than the camera and yet it is cheaper so the are pricing to what people will pay not what it is worth, volume will be down and people will go elsewhere.


As are you! Happy to admit I’m making assumptions though – as is everyone who comments on the build quality. I’m assuming, based on other Motorola phones I’ve held/used/seen, including reviews of the latest Moto X which the N6 is based off going by looks, that the build quality is going to somewhat better than we’ve seen before. But that again is a personal preference – what I think is great build quality isn’t going to be everyone’s opinion. As above, you had no complaints with the N5 quality where as to me it felt like a cheap – and… Read more »


Ray I am not making assumptions, I am listening to what others are saying about the size and price both here and overseas. As I have not seen the N6 I am not saying if it has good or bad build quality that is yet to be seen, as such a massively large phone issues are bound to crop up. That price should include wireless charging, fingerprint sensor, expandable memory, sapphire glass, a stronger aluminium body, high quality headphones and more. I am happy for you that you think that picking one up is the most important thing you can… Read more »


This is going no where. I will buy one because to me personally, I see value in it. Again, if others don’t see value, you don’t buy one. Simple as that really.

Build quality is different for everyone. I think the build quality of the latest Holden VF Commodore is fantastic but then I spoke to someone else about them recently, they wrote them off as cheap prices of garbage.

Build quality and value is subjective.

FYI wireless charging is included.


Hard to justify that much, I’d only get $285 AUD for my 32 GB Nexus 5 and $ 185 for my Nexus 10 QHD. The 5 will get Lollipop, eventually the 10, much later, sure I’d like 192 GPUs, 64 bit OS, core apps, release apps, on my tablet. But shield is a lot cheaper, sure I’d like QHD and a bigger screen on my smartphone, but it’s too much more. Look at how the 64 GB Nexus 6, is only $65 more, where as the 32 GB Nexus 9, is a whopping $100 more.


ah well no more Nexus for me


It’s disappointing to see that the Nexus program is moving away from affordable, mid-range products. The price tags on these devices are closer to other “branded” names than what we’ve seen in the Nexus range to date. Very disappointing.

Juan Mackie

The N5 is still listed on the AUS Play Store !! Does that mean its gonna be a while till N6 time ?


Google mentioned somewhere that they will continue to the sell the N5 alongside the N6.

There is too much news to troll through again to try and find where it was said. It was in an Android Police article I believe.

Peter Massey

If you go to the Google Nexus page ( it lists “9 6 5 Player” along the top

I’d take that to mean they are still selling the N5.


To me it makes sense, now they have a budget stock standard sized phone, a premium phablet sized phone, and a tablet.

It makes a lot of sense to keep the nexus 5. Sure it’s a year old, but still runs smoother than my LG G3, and will get the latest software straight away.

Does anyone think it’s a possibility that nexus could now release a budget 5″ device every 2 years and a premium phablet device in alternating years so they continue to offer a phablet and 5″ device?

Glyn Stuckey

I’m disappointed at the pricing for the 6, after the Nexus series pricing over the last few years. I guess that OnePlus might’ve been able to dodge that bullet after all.


Big bag of nope.

Even if I were in the market for a new phone or tablet, these are just not good value in comparison with the competition. In particular the continued refusal to include microSD puts them at a disadvantage.

Looks like the decision to go with Motorola and HTC was a bad one, pushing them to silly prices. They will need to be price cutting to shift these.


Not sure about the 6 but the 9 had sd card expansion


I haven’t seen any mention of SD Card expansion for the nexus 9