Motorola Nexus 6 Waterproof
IP rated phones have been a coming thing in Android handset for a fair while. Sony has really championed the whole IP rated phone trend, leading into Tablets now and offering an IP 68 rating that essentially allows you to swim with your device for a long time. Motorola though has also been offering liquid protection on their phones since their Android Razr phones – and the newly announced Nexus 6 will be no different.

On the Motorola website which lists the specs of the Nexus 6, Motorola lists ‘Yes’ for Water Resistant alongside the Qi charging that Google also neglected to mention in their list of official specs. The Motorola water resistance is generally down to a water repellant coating which apparently protects the various jacks as well.

Understand that this is no invitation to go dunking your new Nexus in a bucket (although if you’re going to do it, please video it), but it should allow you to survive a splash or accidental spillage.

Source: Motorola.
Via: Android Police.
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“alongside the Qi charging that Google also neglected to mention in their list of official specs”

It’s listed in the specs, just hidden a little. You just have to click the “” button and it’s under the battery section. 🙂


I was hoping this phone would have at least minimal water resistance as my young son delights in tossing stuff in the bath or toilet, I’ve caught him running towards the toilet with my N5.
If I buy this phone there will be some hope if I ever find it in the toilet that it may live to play another day.
Though sticking a phone against my ear that’s been in the toilet won’t be much fun!!