The launch of the Nexus Player was a bit of a surprise this morning, with most leaks in the lead up to the announcement focusing on the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9. But a Nexus ‘TV’ is quite welcome and the first question everyone who streams movies and TV shows from their PC wants to know is ‘Will it support Plex?’, thankfully Plex have updated their blog with the answer.

The Answer is simply – Yes. Plex has been playing around with Android TV since the announcement, including offering support on the ADT-1 Developer kit which was sent to potential Android TV developers. Plex is quite excited about Android TV saying :

We’re really enjoying the fresh take that Android TV brings to the table: bold, clean UI designed from the ground up for “lean back” viewing from your couch, and custom home screen recommendations based on your viewing habits are right up our alley, and they mean that Plex and Android TV are a perfect fit.

At this stage, the Plex supplied on Android TV is the PlexPass version, so it’s likely that Plex will initially only offer PlexPass on Android TV as has been their custom. We’re excited to learn more and will keep you up to date, but in the meantime, check out these screenshots of Plex on Android TV.

Source: Plex.
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Hopefully the voice search works with it.


More interested in XBMC / Kodi support