The Nexus 6 has only just emerged officially, but obviously carriers have been handling the phone behind the scenes. T-Mobile Senior Product Manager Des Smith is one such carrier employee who gets access to the phone early and has posted an unboxing of the phone on his Twitter account, using Vine to give us a 6-second unboxing video.

The box is described as not ‘Retail Ready’ but the lovely classic white, box with a number 6 embedded in the front looks great to us. Check it out and start counting down the days till you can unbox your own super-sized Nexus 6.

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Source: Des Smith.
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The front looks like your typical boring Android phone but the minimal bezel combined with the beautifully crafted back, make it looks better than the HTC M8 and current all Iphones models.

Very premium look, best looking Nexus phone by far.


That’s a purrty box.