Nexus 9 - Wild 1

With the Nexus 9 now available to purchase in Australia via the Play Store, and with some of Ausdroid’s guys waking up at an ungodly hour to partake, we want to know: did you order the Nexus 9 on launch day as well?

Some of us are on the fence – myself included – whereas others have already taken the plunge.

Daniel and Jason have jumped right in and pre-ordered. Daniel says the Nexus 9 is the definitive Android Lollipop reference device, being the first Android device (tablet or phone) available with a 64-bit processor, allowing the true power of Android L to shine. Jason is interested in the Nexus 9 for the larger form-factor and the possibility of an official keyboard accessory for on-the-go productivity.

I, however, am a little less convinced. I’m still very much enamoured with my Nexus 7 (2013); it’s the perfect mix of size and function, and with an update to Android L around the corner anyway, I’m not feeling the urge to upgrade just yet. The Nexus 6 is a little more appealing to me, as my HTC One M8 is starting to feel a bit wobbly on its legs… but we’ll see what happens when that becomes available.

That’s enough about our thoughts. What about yours? Let us know what you’ve done in the poll below, and leave your comments below!

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geoff fieldew

I love the portability of my Nexus 7. I could maybe stretch to an 8in tablet like a Tab S or Z3C Tablet since the bezels are quite small and those two are thin and light. 9in is too unweildy for holding, especially for long durations when I’m playing a game. No doubt the Nexus 9 is a beautiful piece of kit by HTC and Google but I suspect (and hope I’m wrong) that following Microsoft down this all-in-one approach of adding a keyboard and turning it into some kind of hybrid tablet/laptop thing is a mistake. Fun fact: Mac… Read more »


32gb is just to small for games these days 64gb and 128gb needs to be the norm or just put a dam microsd slot in them.

If there was a 128gb option I would jump on that

Taken away the 7 is bad I reckon as was a great size for little kids


I would love too but the price they asking for the 32gb it’s a no for me.


By the way, N9 has a micro-USB slot which you can plug in an external hd


N.B By the way, the Nexus 9 has a microUSB slot(what Android phone or tablet doesn’t these days?). The Nexus 9 MAY support USB-OTG through this port, if it does then it may possibly support USB based storage(Flash Drives) and if enough power is supplied through the port, then it’s also possible it could support external HDDs. Literally NO-ONE has announced what you are claiming. Not HTC, Not Google. Don’t try to announce this before an official announcement has been made. Nexus does NOT by default support USB-OTG, in fact trend wise, most don’t. Remember the Nexus 4/5/7 didn’t support… Read more »


This isn’t true. The 5 and 7 did, you just needed a bridge app if you wanted to access flash drives. The 5 and 7 natively supported mice and keyboards no additional apps required.

The Nexus 9 also has the same OTG support as the 7.

The 4 didn’t because the USB port didn’t provide enough voltage. If you used a powered hub, it would work.


Banking on nexus 9 being available in store come Nov…hope to take advantage of some vouchers


Kiwis can’t get access to the play store so no..


No. Going to see if the Nexus 6 can be a tablet replacement first.

Caleb Johns

Nah I just blew $598 at Apple and bought my iPad Air on launch day last year, maybe next year when I have some dosh I’ll buy a nexus 9


Unfortunately looks like I’m sticking with an iPad Air 2 this year (128gb). The ONLY reason being that 32gb maximum for the Nexus 9 is silly.

If they’d released a 64 or 128gb version I’d be all over it in a flash.

Joshua Wenham

I think I need one because I use my Nexus 7 exclusively in portrait mode, this is how i’m currently convincing myself.


I’m thinking about getting one to replace my Nexus 7 2012. I think the 7″ screen was too small for a tablet (seems pointless to go for it instead of my Nexus 5) so I would prefer something 8″ or bigger. However, I haven’t used my N7 as much as I thought (it’s painfully slow performance in recent times hasn’t helped either) so I’m wondering whether the N9 will change that. Either way, I’m going to wait until I can hold one in my hands before making a decision.


My justification for the N9 was the slowness of the 2012 N7. That was until I changed the filesystem to f2fs – I highly recommend going that route. Now my N7 is completely usable as new…. this, of course, means my justification for the N9 is simply because I want one… haha


Not ordering today/yet – will be out of the country when it’s expected to arrive, so will pick one up when I get back.


Yes I did. 32gb White.

Currently have a 2013 Nexus 7 but find it too small and not fond of 16:9 tablets. The Nexus 9 looks pretty much perfect to me. Big enough without being uncomfortable, 4:3 great aspect ratio to use in both landscape and portrait orientation, dual front facing speakers, premium build, nice and thin, then of course with a beastly processor…’s the whole package.

Jim Nicholls

Bought one to replace my Nexus 10.


I want to but 1, I dont have the cash at the moment and 2 the LTE version isnt up for preorder yet.


I did a spontaneous pre-order – gonna replace my Asus TF101!


asus is notorious for defective NANDs…


I don’t know what that is, but the write speed is horrendous on it which makes installing /multi-tasking pretty terrible. Plus it’ll be nice to have the high-res of the N9 screen.

Caleb Johns

NAND is the flash storage on your tablet