Nexus 9 - onsale
The Nexus 9 has just gone live on the Australian Google Play store. The tablet has replaced both the Nexus 10 and Nexus 7 tablets which are no longer available.

The Nexus 9 is available in available in 16GB or 32GB options but only in Wi-Fi, with the LTE option still greyed out. There are two colour options available as expected – Indigo Black and Lunar White, with the Sand coloured option expected to arrive later this year.

Pricing wise the Nexus 9 isn’t cheap

16GB $479
32GB $589

Update :
The LTE Version of the Nexus 9 is now showing pricing on the Google Play Australia page, although it’s still not available to pre-order with the tablet expected to go on-sale later this year. The LTE version is only available in Black and will cost $719 + shipping.

The tablet is due to leave the warehouse in 2-3 weeks, with only one option available for delivery – International Priority (2-7 business days) – which will cost an additional $19.95 on top.

The Nexus 9 lists only one accessory, the Nexus 9 Cover – but it’s not yet available to order, with the status listed as ‘Coming Soon’ The Polyurethane cover will be available in three colours – Mint Indigo, Lime Stone and standard Black.

The case has an ‘Origami style’ to it allowing you to fold it in to position and prop up your tablet to watch videos, or flatter to allow for typing. It can even fold a corner down to allow for quick access to the camera.

Curiously a fourth Nexus 9 Polyurethane cover option is mentioned in the description: Coral Amethyst in the description but there’s no sign of it on the site. The Google Play description also mentions leather cover options – Black Leather and Natural Leather – but again, there’s no sign of them.

Head on over to Google Play now to place your order

Source: Google Play.
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Peter Massey

All the discussion on the “outrageous” pricing of the Nexus 6 & 9 I think is slightly unfair. Whilst Google has gone away from the previous policy of “lower cost”, I don’t think these devices are unfairly expensive. What I feel is the case, that it is no longer a “no-brainer” decision over other devices. There are definitely alternatives now to consider which may or may not be a better device. In my case, my N7/12 is really showing it’s age and the Nexus 9 looked to be an ideal replacement, I much prefer the aspect ratio, however at $589… Read more »


Yeahh… I think this time I’ll get the iPad Air 2. The $110 jump for the extra 16GB in the N9 is bonkers while the 64GB Air 2 is $740, along with the superior tablet apps on iOS. I’ll still keep my N7 but this looked like a really nice ‘big’ tablet, shame about the price.


“I hate the price of the N9 so I’m going to pay more for another product”…


Missing the point. Nexus tablets have traditionally been good value and but the N9 is not. Whatever the reason (maybe HTC twisted Google’s arm), but 16GB starting price and… $110 to get another 16GB? Terrible. Now the higher spec SKU is within spitting distance of the new iPad which is a $30 jump for a lot more (twice the storage, iOS tablet apps, build, accessories, compatibility, etc). The value proposition used to be ‘We don’t have the same range of tablet apps as the iPad, but we’re much better value’ and I have the Nexus 7 (2013) to prove it.… Read more »

Gia minh

Here is full specs of nexus 6


N7s are also gone from office works and good guys websites.

Can anyone recommend a good 7″ tablet that uses a minimal skin and is likely to get a year or more of updates?

Apparently google not interested in my money anymore.

Gia Minh

Here is the price of LTE 32 GB. LTE is just only for 32 GB version


There’s a better range of covers on amazon . may look at nexus and cover as package on there

Adam Bagnall

I was hoping for the rumoured $399 price to be true, but at nearly $500 it’s a bit expensive for me, when I can do all my media consuming on my Chromebook. Nice looking device but the price tag is a big turn off for me


$399 was too optimistic. That was the price in USD. If you factor in their stronger dollar now, GST, and some sales tax, I’m not really surprised.


Apparently they keyboard is available in the US for $129US, but nothing on the AU Play Store


110 for 16gb extra no way google has lost the plot. i am done with Nexus.

Darren Ferguson

Yeah, that’s a rude shock. Still ordered one.

Joshua Hill

399US –> 479AU = 20% increase for 16gb
479US –> 589AU = 23% increase for 32GB.

What gives with the 32gb pricing Google???

Darren Ferguson

Don’t forget US taxes.

Joshua Hill

If you deduct the 10% GST on the AU models and redo the calculations you end up with 8.75% and 11.45% markups from memory. They are still marking the 32gb model up more and that’s after tacking on an extra 80US dollars for only 16gb of ram. As someone else said google has lost the plot!


Actually with the current exchange rate (aproximately 0.88USD to AUD) the US pricing works out to 455AUD

Joshua Hill

I wasn’t doing any currency conversion. Simply dividing the AU price by 1.1 to remove the 10% GST and then comparing the % difference between the AU price and US price. Given that it’s only 10% more one could argue google is subsidising the Australian model.


You’re not doing it right.

Joshua Hill

You’re not using Disqus right. Guest accounts, how lame.


N9 ipad mini 2

16GB $479 $369

32GB $589 $429

Sorry, but Google really haven’t thought about this. Given the choice between the Nexus 9 and the ipad mini 2 – I’d be choosing the ipad. The mini 3 has little advantage over the 2.

Practically, that N9 price is going to have to fall swiftly, over $100. Google may have gone ‘Silver’ on the pricing model, but the flip side of that is you can’t sustain the same price over time. They would have been VERY sensible to keep the Nexus 7 going, another mistake.


A more accurate comparison would be to the full sized iPad.


Well, personally I think google are fooling themselves if they think it’s going to be compared to the maxi ipad. It’s the mini that will get the comparison.

However, the ipad air 1 32GB is actually $549 – cheaper than the Nexus 9 32GB. So it’s still pretty much a no brainer.

Wouldn’t touch the N9 till it gets its inevitable $100+ price cut.


I think its more appropriate to compare pricing of ipad air 2, or ipad mini 3 when looking at value for money, not the older ipad generations.
Besides, if someone is choosing between a nexus or an ipad, i think that the ecosystem they prefer (android vs ios) is a much more important than comparing price per GB.


Nope, the ipad mini 2 is the most appropriate comparison point. There is basically little point to apples ‘new’ tablets – a fingerprint reader and a bit faster if you are lucky. The older ipads are quite valid (and more sensible to buy). You are just trying to avoid the reality that this is a Nexus tablet that’s MORE expensive, and has a higher rip off factor than even apple. 55-70% is the usual apple profit margin, and this Nexus tablet is WORSE. We’ll need to see U$100/AS150 reduction in these silly prices before we get even close to a… Read more »


Any guesses as to the availability of the case, based on past history?


Interested in both n9 and 6 just worried that if despatch dates end up being same day may cop import duties

James Z

its not cheap our 16gb version price of 480 is usa 32gb version price


It’s actually cheaper in Australia than the US because the US prices add tax later, whilst the Australian prices have GST already added, So for example, the 16GB Nexus 9 is A$479. The US price is US$399 + (average) 8% tax = US$431, when converted at todays exchange rate is A$491.


I just went through the checkout process, and the final page (before purchasing) says that there is $0 GST. I wonder if that is a mistake. I’d like to see it shown as I’d buy through salary sacrifice and get that rebated.


If you notice, it is Google Asia Pacific and not Google Australia selling the N9. This could explain the $0 GST, and the “international shipping costs”.

Joshua Hill

Given sales tax varies I feel a fairer comparison would be removing the known GST amount from the AU models and comparing to US pricing.


Interesting that there isn’t any gold listing.

Daniel Tyson

Google Did say at the announcement the ‘Sand’ coloured one would come later this year


But for some reason the US Play Store has on there?

Daniel Tyson

Actually the Saend coloured version is showing as not available in the US too

Elliot Kotis

Oh okay, my bad.