moto 360 cradleWhile Motorola hasn’t officially made too much noise about the Moto 360 in Australia yet, it seems that the cat might have escaped the bag. Harvey Norman has the Moto 360 listed in its inventory system as ‘Moto 360 Light’ and ‘Moto 360 Dark’, both for the price of $329 AUD.

This pricing fits with what we’ve heard elsewhere and it also compares reasonably with the price overseas (adding in that dreaded Australia Tax). The US Dollar price of $249 works out to about $285 AUD, and once you add on GST, that comes to about $312. Not too bad if you ask me.

Not sure when we’ll see the stock available for sale in Harvey Norman (or elsewhere), but we know that Harvey Norman were on the list of retailers from when we spoke to Motorola earlier in September.

If you’re keen to get your hands on Australian stock of the Moto 360 as soon as possible, my advice would be to hit up your local Harvey Norman store, see if they’ve got stock, or if not, see if they’ll let you put in a pre-order for the first stock to arrive.

Thanks: Anonymous Tipster.
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Harry Hanelt

Ok so I rang up Harvey Norman and they have the Moto 360 in their system but they can’t sell it yet. But the guy put aside a light colored one for me and he’ll ring me when I can go and pick it up 🙂


Just walked in to HN at Browns Plains; laid down the money and it will be in store in three days time….

Phillip Molly Malone

Any word from him when it might be released?

Harry Hanelt

Nope, I tried asking him but he wouldn’t tell me

Haris Shaikh

I can confirm that the QV store in melbourne is also getting it…I have just been informed Im 1st on the list….thanks to Daniel from Ausdroid…u guys rock !! …. Does anyone have any issues using it with ONEPLUS ?

Oliver Ward

any word on the Moto X yet?

Harrison Pace

No 🙁 Soon…


Do a search for it and you will find it on HN NZ website for kiwi 399.


Calculation is wrong. The $249 USD is retail price not wholesale (including tax).
HN and others will buy in bulk with wholesale price and then they will sell it to us based on USD retail price + GST

Daniel Tyson

If you can supply the US Wholesale price we would be happy to re-do calculations, but i`m pretty sure no-one here is privvy to that information. Bear in mind also that the USD Retail price is often before sales tax is applied as well.

When we do conversions we deal in generalities to give a basic idea, as was done here.


I get your point, but i’m comparing the US $249 on Motorola website which includes tax.

My point is that big Australian retail shops don’t buy in retail price to sell us based on US retail + GST + whatever profit they may add


As far as I’m aware, sales tax is calculated by whether the online store has a physical presence in the state you choose to ship it to (kinda like Amazon).

Daniel Tyson

Actually most states in the US add Sales Tax on top of what the price in Google Play is. So the $249 for many states is ex-tax. It’s dependent on the state etc.

We know exactly what you’re saying but the point is we don’t know what the buy price is. We are simply trying to give a rough estimate of the pricing comparison and the way it was done is the best option we have.


NO. ALL US online stores quote ex-tax price, because tax rate is state-specific. And GST here is charged as a portion of RETAIL PRICE. So ALL your “points” are pointless.

Avon Perera

It’s actually worse than that… taxes vary WITHIN the state as well (by county and city). One store will be 7.5% and another just down the road in the next suburb could be 8 or even 9%. It’s just nuts over there. Check this out for California:

Harrison Pace

So its on the system but I assume there is no stock available yet…

Avon Perera

I just chatted with a HN rep on the website and she said she couldn’t find it in any of the searches

Harrison Pace

Yer I reckon it’s coming soon, but still properly a few days a way before stores start receiving stock. In any case let us know if you manage to find any…

Avon Perera

I called the store at Fountain Gate and he found it in the system. Couldn’t give me an ETA as they don’t have an order for it yet, BUT it’s listed at $329 (confirmed as above – the NZ HN site also shows a November release date). The guy took my details down and said he’d put down an order for me once they’re able to and give ma call when it comes in. Got myself a light grey unit 😀


YAY! Waiting sucks, but it’s probably good for my wallet 😛


You forget the “Harve Norman Tax” as well, anything that comes out via them first is artificially inflated in price from then on.

Avon Perera

Finally! I want it now damnit

Joshua Hill

Okay Veruca, daddies going to get you one :p

Avon Perera

I had to Google “Veruca” and “daddy” to figure out what you on about… I feel enlightened now

Joshua Hill

Its a good excuse to watch the original Willy Wonka 😀

Daniel Tyson

That actually got a legitimate LOL – bravo sir

Joshua Hill

Thanks, when I’m not being an overly critical prick I can occasionally be funny or even better insightful. Keep up the good work and thanks to everyone at Ausdroid including your readers for putting up with me 😉