Google announced back in September that they would be rolling out a new update to the Android Wear platform that would bring some brand new features. According to reddit users, an update has begun hitting the LG G Watch, which brings at least a couple of the features promised.

The new update, 4.4W.2 (Build KNX01Q) updates the G Watch from 4.4W.1 (Build KGW42Q). The update brings a new set of Music cards, as well as a new control interface and ability to Play Music from the menu, which you can see in the pictures below. Users who’ve received the update are also reporting that they can now pair a Bluetooth headset to the watch with a new option under Bluetooth in the settings menu.

There’s no mention of GPS compatability – but then the G Watch doesn’t have GPS hardware. It’s unclear at this stage as to whether this is the big update, or a pre-cursor to prepare watches for the ‘big one’. It’s most likely, given the appearance of the Sony Smartwatch 3 on the Google Play Store in the US, with the Sony Smartwatch 3 containing GPS, as well as Bluetooth.

Sony for their part are listing kernel source of a slightly different build: KNX01K (4.4W.2) for the SmartWatch 3 (SWR50) on their Developer website. So given this, it’s likely that Motorola and Samsung owners should see the update on their watch soon.

The update should roll out over the next week or two, jump into the settings of your watch and hit About > System updates to check if there’s any updates for your watch.

Source: reddit.
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well as long as its not “5.0W” I suspect that there will be more updates to come

Will Dutton

i’ve just bought one of these on ebay for $125, good choice or will i regret it?

Avon Perera

I think it’s a decent choice. For $125 you can’t really go too wrong


It’s simple. I personally think it is neat and not flashy.
As an experiment to see if this Smartwatch thing is worth the trouble, it’s a good buy.

In 6 months time, there will be far better choices that we have now. And they you can go into that with some knowledge.